Time for Group Design

After Friday's review the studio got split into three different teams.  These teams are focusing on separate ideas to present in the next review.  The topics are water architecture, energy system integration, and piezoelectric design.  These three topics were found to be the most interesting of the individual review so teams were set up to further explore [...]

Thought Process!

Today's agenda was to talk among the members of your group and brainstorm about different ideas that would make an fascinating project!  Not as easy as we thought it would be, but the different ideas we shared would lead us to an successful project.  I have never thought that architecture could become this in depth and challenging.  I guess you have to [...]

Time To Get Cooking

On Friday each student took his or her own stab at what this semester's project could be, and I was not disappointed in their efforts. At the end of the review I discussed options as to where to take the project from here with our client and then pulled the students back together to relay our thoughts [...]

Individual – Group

Today was plenty interesting with our individual design review. I was happy to fully understand everyone's ideas and very fascinated over everyones individual concept on developing a structure inspired by Don ZanFagna. I feel we are all off to such a nice start to our group designs. After the review we all paired into groups [...]

T-11 hours

Tomorrow dates our fist individual design review with professionals from the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Clemson University and Don ZanFagna's family. Up until this point we have been researching. Applying our research to an actual design has been challenging and presenting it will be even more of a challenge. The ideas we have come [...]

Designing Sustainability

At this point we have committed to individual Pulse Dome concepts and designs and are in the process of carrying out these designs in the form of digital and physical models, elevations, sections, diagrams, images and anything else that we feel will help demonstrate our concepts for our design review on Friday.  Most of us have gone [...]


After a few weeks of researching and brainstorming all the possibilities we are finally starting to design something. The hard part is figuring out what to design. Up until this point every project that I've worked on has had a given purpose and a program to follow, but this project is completely open. It could [...]

What Not to Design

As we move forward in the project, we have now narrowed our research paths down to more specific and manageable design ideas. We are now on our individual design portion of the class, and with that comes plenty of its own unique challenges. I'm working on a design that deals with individual systems and specifically how to integrate them [...]

Go Tigers!

Every semester has it's distractions. In the spring it's the return of warm weather and a week-long break in the middle of the semester. In the fall, it's football season. I am sympathetic to distractions as a young professor, since it is not that long ago I was a student and I remember well how [...]