Is this real life?

The past three days we have been working so hard to get this project done. Some of us even showed up to the woodshop at 6:00 in the morning. I am so happy to say that everyone's efforts have finally paid off. This semester has been exciting, challenging and at some points disappointing. Despite many setbacks, everyone still remained [...]

So many questions we mustache ourselves

The morning began with happy faces and one very prevalent mustache, thanks to our teacher. Due to my great photoshoping skills, you can all see what we got to see at 8am this morning. We filed in with tasks of constructing the bridge and laying out our bamboo pieces for the dome. We began by locating and [...]

Outside help

Last week marked the opening of the Pulse Dome exhibit. We went there to check out the artwork and were a bit surprised by the atmosphere. It seemed like we are surrounded by artists while listening to a band and sipping fine wine. The artwork was beautifully displayed and gave a great representation of Zanfagna's [...]

Lights, camera, action!

Fall is in the air! Today we had our urbanism class in the courtyards of College of Charleston. Being able to sit in the crisp air and listen to the hustle and bustle of college students was a great break from architecture. Now that the weather is a little more tolerable, sitting around a fire [...]

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls”

Despite tomorrow being Friday, I am afraid Studio V's weekend isn't going to be spent at Folly Beach... Rather the upper studio at 20 Franklin Street. As you probably know, we had our group project review on Wednesday. Our collaborative ideas are now challenging us to work together as a studio whole.... Strength in team [...]

T-11 hours

Tomorrow dates our fist individual design review with professionals from the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Clemson University and Don ZanFagna's family. Up until this point we have been researching. Applying our research to an actual design has been challenging and presenting it will be even more of a challenge. The ideas we have come [...]