Is this real life?

The past three days we have been working so hard to get this project done. Some of us even showed up to the woodshop at 6:00 in the morning. I am so happy to say that everyone’s efforts have finally paid off. This semester has been exciting, challenging and at some points disappointing. Despite many setbacks, everyone still remained motivated and determined to give 110%.


So what has happened this semester in the student’s life’s? Well…

1. Mitchell conquered his fear of presenting and did a great job doing so infront of the DRC

2. Cameron showed up at 6am?

3. Jayce built a Earthdome model that….melted

4. Paul’s scooter and my car got towed

5. Daniel played us songs on his guitar during an all-nighter

6. Sam made a house for a butterfly in studio… we think it is a moth

7. Pastre grew a mustache and walked straight into a door

8. Andrew became a human clamp because of his height

9. Carrie is told “you’re doing a great job” every minute by Daniel

10. Carolyn made the bamboo ramp into a slide

After many hours powered by Moe’s food and the Great Wall of China restaurant, the dome is complete and looking bambootastic. We are hosting a celebration cookout on Tuesday and plan to start out documentation this week.


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