Wild Ride

While trying to write this blog post, halfway through my first draft of what I was going to say, I realized what today is. Yes, of course its Friday, but its just not just any ordinary Friday for us here at Studio V. This is the last Friday before finals week, which means for the [...]

What Do I Do With My Hands?

Hello from all of our faces! Or pictures of them at least. As you have been following along with this Studio V blog, I'm sure you've been following the news closer. All over social media, we have seen some really great things to help stop the spread of Corona virus. Primarily, we have been told [...]

Bitter Sweet Ending

I guess it is really here. The end of a very unique semester. As my classmate DJ has written, it has been a very odd ride. We envisioned our time in Charleston a bit different. Granted, I think a lot of people envisioned 2020 to be a little different. Either way we are blessed to [...]

Good Vibes in the air !

Hello Friends, Must be a rough morning, or even a challenging day, either way, this post isn't about me or you, it is about Us. Yes, Us! The picture on top has been my virtual background since day one, when we started online learning on Zoom a month ago. Not sure how much energy it [...]

Dark side of the Zoom

Hello. (Is there anybody in there?) The timing of this post simply echoes Ryan's previous post. Its a busy time and hard work to remain organized and on schedule. Our featured image today is a Zoom call of our group as we work this evening to hone in on the outline of our version 2 [...]

The Trials of Working Remotely

Like my classmates have reiterated, we have been working on a document with MUSC that they are hoping to distribute to other regional hospitals to help them set up successful testing sites for COVID-19. There have been a lot of changes in how this work is accomplished. For starters, we are working remotely from the [...]

Home Field [Dis]Advantage

Business as Unusual To our dismay, the physical presence of being in Studio V ended prematurely. Ahead of leaving for home for spring break I was optimistic that we would be back in the C.DCC within a matter of 2 weeks. Its been over a month since I've been back and I only packed one pair [...]

Virtual Collaboration

How do you work on a team when it is impossible to physically work alongside your teammates? In all studios, but especially Community Build, we rely so heavily on collaboration, communication, and coordination - three things that seemed impossible when first faced with social distancing. In any previous time period, continuing our studio-based education would [...]

What a Journey!

Let me start by apologizing to all of our blog followers as this post is a day late due to a power outage in Clemson that lasted over two full days.  (As if there wasn’t already enough “abnormal” happening in our daily lives.) Luckily, we regained power over the night! As you all know from [...]