Nothing’s Set in Concrete (Yet)

It was all smiles in studio on Friday as the crew geared up for what will be exciting week beginning site work. Studio began with the group gathering to review potential color schemes for painting the pavilion. Everyone has been working hard in their individual groups this week to prepare for finally breaking ground this [...]

Screwin’ Around

We were actually not screwing around at all today. But what we did screw together was some formwork for our Introduction to Craft projects. Introduction to Craft, as probably mentioned in previous blogs, is split into 2 sections. Some students work with laminated wood to create curved wood designs and some students work with casting. [...]

Do you pronounce it Vās or Väz?

It really feels like this semester is flying by because we are already on our third project for our Introduction to Craft class! Our last assignment focused on materials, so this assignment is all about the study of formwork and how it affects a cast. We will be taking what we learned about materials, specifically [...]

Pre-Pavilion Practice

As we all work in teams, preparing the CD set and detailing various parts of the Singleton Pavilion, we're getting practice in making shop drawings and cut lists in the sister class to studio, Introduction to Craft (ITC). In ITC, half of the class is working on building 1':1 1/2" scale model staircases to code. [...]

Gearing Up For Groundbreaking

After our success with the bridge at the Ardmore site, our entire crew can now fully focus on preparing the final drawings to get started with construction on the Singleton Pavilion. At the beginning of studio we met to run through all of the tasks that needed completing before we break ground on site next [...]

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters….

Okay, so there are no actual troubled waters that we're building this bridge over, but the Simon and Garfunkel song reference could not be overlooked (I personally prefer Whitney Houston and Cece Winans's live rendition, but that's neither here nor there).  But anyway, over the last week, we the Community+Build students made significant strides and [...]

We Built a Bridge & Got Over It!

As we wrap up this week, I wanted to give a summary of the projects that were completed. We’ve had many things going on in the architecture department at the Clemson Design Center this week. The Ardmore project is wrapping up on our end as the planter boxes have been built and taken to site [...]

Ready, Set, BRIDGE!

And just like that, the ardmore bridge is set in place.. We had an early start today meeting on site at 7:30 in the morning. We met with city employees who were operating a huge crane. Since the foundation and formwork had already been set, the only thing left to do was place the bridge. [...]

So Much to do … So Much to See

Hello again. There is much to share from this last week, weekend, and yesterday. Some of what I am sharing has been discussed in previous posts but I wanted to share some of my personal experiences/achievements with these events. This post will mention several different events so I will try to be concise in my [...]

The Climax!

In her blog, Olivia did a fantastic job of describing the bridges' assembly procedure. So I'll carry on with the tale. On Saturday, September 17, 2023, after 2 PM, we strived for perfection! However, few of them were half an inch off. So we loosened the bolts and we attempted to hammer them back into [...]