Brace For It

On Friday, we broke into groups to continue our focus on details and further our understanding of how different components of the design could work together. The group that I was a part of was looking at the lateral bracing and how to incorporate it through the use of built in seating, tables and planters. [...]

On The Site

On Monday we had the majority of the class in studio working out details while 4 of us went out to the site to stake out the location of the pavilion. In addition, to laying out our structure we conducted a perc test to determine the water absorption rate of soil. The results of a percolation [...]

Keep On Moving Along

We had a great talk with Kim and discussed how to make a rainwater garden and the calculations for it to become successful. To give a quick recap, we have divided into four groups, each focusing on significant components in the design. Some of the details are the roof structure, lateral stability, slab shape, etc. [...]

Rain Rain Rain Garden

Today we are meeting with Kim Morganello to discuss a rain garden that was installed a few weeks ago in Enston Homes. Kim Morganello is a Water Resource Associate for Clemson Extension based in Charleston. We are proposing a rain garden in our design and Kim Morganello will help give us a greater understanding of [...]

Entering the Design Development Phase

After meeting with local engineer John Moore last week, the Clemson Design Build studio is hard at work making slight changes to the design of our green roof pavilion. We began by splitting off into different focus groups that worked on components of the project including lateral stability, site, roof structure, foundation, and built-in layouts. [...]

The Weight of a Building

With design approval from city and community leaders, the Community Build crew met with structural engineer John Moore.  John has been involved with community build projects for several years now, and his expertise has allowed for the seemingly impossible become possible.  Consultation with a talented structural engineer like John is always an exciting moment for [...]

The Time Has Come

We are finally working together as a studio and getting together a conceptual design for the Parks Conservancy, the City of Charleston Parks Department, and most importantly, the Ardmore Neighborhood. Since our presentation at the neighborhood meeting last week, we have taken considerations, especially those of the residents of Ardmore into what else can be [...]

Pin-Up on a Sunday?

Quick recap: Following Friday's class discussion, our studio split into two groups; a roof group and a site development group. On Sunday, the site development group assembled to discuss site strategies, the concrete pad, built-ins, and the rain garden. Our group took 20 minutes to come up with some design iterations before coming together to [...]