Recharged and Refocused

The past couple of days, Clemson University had its' fall break. Many members of our studio returned home to rest up before the big task ahead of us. Taking this time to be around the family and step away from studio work will do us good in the long run. I know I have enjoyed [...]

John Moore Pt. 2

Some of my classmates and I had the opportunity of having our structural engineer John Moore as a guest speaker/teacher in our Architectural Seminar class (ARCH 4210). He taught us the fundamental principals to buildings and their structure. The purpose of his teachings was to help us understand the basic structural principles and material qualities [...]

B.A.R Review + Stress Management

This week we have been continuing work on construction documents and program planing for the Farmer's Stand as well as for the B.A.R presentation on Thursday. We have submitted for final approval for the Farmer's Stand in order to be able to to start construction and finish the project in a timely manner (Mid-December). If [...]

Wait, how would that work?

CD's are in full swing! Last night (Monday), may or may not have been a late one as the crew was working towards our first draft of the CD set. Today we are sending the drawings to our structural engineer and continuing to update and detail everything little thing, it's so interesting! Which calls to [...]

Construction Documents!

Monday mark the initial push to start shop and construction documents for the project. Some tweaks may occur as we discover what may and may not actually work in terms of putting things together as well as suggestions from the BAR review. The bar review is on Thursday, so this adds extra importance to the [...]


The weekend is here, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do! After our meeting with the Structural Engineer and reflecting on some discussions from Monday’s client review there are some adjustments to be made as we really begin to get into Construction Documents. Along with this we also have further preparation for our [...]

Structural Meeting

Yesterday we met with John Moore; a structural engineer who has helped us with past projects, to discuss and answer a few of our thoughts/questions. We decided to make a few minor changes; or “adjustments” if you will, that will not only make a sturdy, sound structure, but also further and solidify our design as [...]

Final Design Review Recap

We have officially made it through the Final Design Review and we are all excited about the positive feedback that we received from Green Heart. Some of the highlights from the review were that they loved the look and feel of our design. They said that it feels like a farm stand and love that [...]