Prep Now, Struggle Less Later

After today we'll have our piers in place! In honor of our last concrete pour I thought I'd change the subject and bring the truss assembly back into the conversation. As these piers were placed accurately to fit the programming, they have also been placed to make sure that they receive legs of the truss. [...]

A Clemson All In (Shop)

Yesterday we were all busy in shop getting our form work ready for pour on Monday. This basically requires putting a big puzzle piece together of all of our cnc routed forms for our formwork. The key is to get the edges of the formwork as smooth as possible so that the programming can operate [...]

Vertical Piers and Form Work Fun!

Concrete pour #2 is complete and now we are on to working on the vertical piers! I have had a close hand in creating templates for the rebar that will be tying together all of our vertical piers. The rebar ties are going to be extremely critical to our piers because when the concrete is [...]

Concrete Pour #2 Complete

Yesterday was Studio V's second concrete pour of the semester!  After a weekend of digging and tamping dirt, laying plastic, strategically placing a rebar grid, and setting the forms for the piers... time for concrete!  Now that the slab is completed, we are moving into the shop to begin building the formwork for the piers.  [...]

“Get Yourself a Girl Who Can do Both”

DRESS FANCY TO REPRESENT VS. PREPPING FOR CONCRETE This weekend was a busy one! I'll start with the Glamorous work... Two of my fellow peers and I attended the AIA Greenville award ceremony on Friday night and to our "surprise" we were awarded the Student Merit award for the CommunityBuild project completed last semester! Audrey, Nicole [...]

Twelve little builders and a Birthday Boy

Twelve little builders come from  the cigar factory ready to build something  extraordinary Some go to the wood shop  to build a mock-up Listening to Kendall's music to get pumped up They 're hard at work and cutting wood They are sure that all is good Drilling in screw after screw Excited to have a [...]

Happy P Day !!!

Today we came into the wood shop to cut out sheets of melamine to help us make sure that our rebar layout is perfect and aligned correctly for concrete pour tomorrow morning (October 31). The experience gained from completing this task was very incentive and engaging as we further learned wood shop techniques to equivalently [...]

Can I Get an Ice Bath Now…?

What a weekend! We may have taken a short break from blogging but let me assure you, Studio V was in full swing this weekend on site. Despite the rain on Sunday, we were able to work full days and got a lot accomplished in preparation for our first concrete pour. The highlights include: bending [...]

Time for Pier Formwork

With the plans to begin and complete pier formwork tomorrow, today marks a busy day for Studio V.  The form-work that will be made will be used to form the piers when we get ready to do our 3rd concrete pour.  Earlier in the week, the studio had been tasked with some preliminary site work [...]

Rebar Queens

I think I can speak for many of us when I say there is a certain level of pride and satisfaction one takes in the physical feats of strength that test you in this studio. In taking this studio a second time around there were two situations I personally was looking forward to again - [...]