Tangled up in Green

Exciting progress is being made on the build.  With our concrete pours complete, the studio has shifted back into the shop to continue preparing the wood and steel of the pavilion for installment.  Welders are welding, woodworkers cutting, and, at last, painters are painting. Through a process of analyzing precedent structures that use a green [...]

We’ll Have a Floor!

Over the last 2 days, the students have been working extremely hard to prepare for the final concrete pour for today! Holes were dug, areas were leveled, framework was done, and rebars were placed. There was a lot to do so everyone definitely had to pull their weight. We were all very tired by the [...]

Measure 10 Times Cut Once

#TeamSteel has been hard at work this past week – we’ve started cutting the steel for the metal roof connections! This metal ridge is sandwiched between each pair of rafters and connects the green and corrugated metal roofs together. The 18 green roof rafter connections are all relatively similar – but the 18 on the [...]

It Takes a Village

On Friday, with the help from the city, we poured the first concrete pour of three we will need to make for our foundation. Also, on that glorious Friday, we received our order of steel and boy, was that some HEAVY stuff!! That same day, we began the process of cutting steel and came up [...]

Le Fil Rouge

Every semester the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston hosts a series of lectures for both students and design professionals. On Tuesday evening we had the privilege of having Clemson's own, Professor Dan Harding as our closing lecturer this semester. Officially, Professor Harding serves as an Associate Professor and the Director of Graduate Architecture Studies at [...]


Over the weekend we learned how to wire weld as well as use a grinder. Wire welding is a process of joining two metals using an electric current and gas. The current, gas, and wire create a chemical reactions that allows metals to bond. Welding for the first time was not easy for a lot [...]

Breaking Ground

Yesterday the City of Charleston helped us start the construction process by digging out our foundation. Today we will be shaping the dirt for our concrete pad and then starting to place form work and a vapor barrier to prepare for our first concrete pour next Friday! We will also have our shop drawings complete [...]

Off To Work We Go

We are super excited to start working on-site, and today is the day! From the research phase to individual design concepts, to small group designs, and finalizing a design as a whole studio, we can't wait to show you what we have come up with for you all. Today, we will be working with the [...]

Update from the built-ins group

While the design of our structure has been "finished" for about a week now, our built-in components have still been going through the design process. Our CD (construction documents) set is wrapped up but because the built-ins don't impact the structural integrity or design of the structure, we have been able to continue to iterate [...]