Details, Details, Details

After meeting briefly at the start of studio to discuss what feedback that we received on Monday at the review; the studio decided that more emphasis needed to be placed on the bridge’s sculptural impact on the site.  This decision was followed by an hour and a half design charrette where each of the students [...]

Review & Revise

Good morning everyone! Yesterday we had our final design review for the three projects our studio has been working on- Farmfield, Forest Park, and the Magnolia Park Urban Center. We received some really excellent feedback from the people who attended our review. Community members and Charleston Parks Conservancy and City of Charleston staff were kind [...]

Presentation Production

The weekend was full of production for our review today.  We split up as a studio with people working on physical models, renders, details, pricing, and everything in between.  We have all had some great ideas that we were able to combine and come up with a good plan to present to the city and [...]

Farmfield 2.0

Hello everyone! This week has been super busy for the studio as we are all pushing for our review tomorrow. There are 3 main projects in the works are progressing nicely. The bridge project has been distilled down to one singular design. The Parks Conservancy HQ will continue with three unique designs that will progress [...]

Bridge Schematic Design Crossroads

Hey everyone! As we conclude this week it feels like we might be running circles trying to come up with a design that solves a host of issues. We as a class all want a bridge design that is aseptically pleasing (which we have broad authority to do), within budget, fairly easy to construct, somewhat [...]

Horticulture Center – Take 2

Heyy guys! I'm back again to bring you another edition of "What is going on with Studio V?!" As yall have noticed we are split into two studio groups, Forrest Park Bridge and the Horticulture Center. I am on the Horticulture team and we are grinding towards our meeting with the Conservancy next Monday. Our [...]

Design, Construction, Materials, & Cost

After meeting back together today, we are beginning to find our direction for the future site of the Forest Park Bridge.  Like my classmates explained in previous blog entries, we were subdivided into three groups focusing on different aspects of the bridge construction. Today was the first chance we were able to reconvince after breaking [...]

Make the most of your Charrettes.

Good morning everyone, it's Friday! That means final design charrette day with Studio V A+CB. Our design / build team is meeting up this afternoon to have a good ol' fashioned design charrette for our Forest Park Bridge repair project. We've gotten a lot of great feedback from the Parks Conservancy and many other of [...]

A(bridge)d Meeting Minutes

Yesterday our studio met with various staff members from the Charleston Parks Conservancy to discuss our 3 proposals for a bridge at Forest Park. After each group spent some time burning the midnight oil, we were more than ready to present our new ideas. Team alpha was first to go and yes, we decided that [...]