CD’s ✓

What a week it’s been. The Corrine Jones CD set was officially sent to the structural engineer yesterday, Thursday March 14. I thought that day would never come. Round after round of red lines, a back and forth about construction and methods, and quite a few nights of minimal sleep. But the set is drafted [...]

Engineering a Custom Gutter

Water collection is a main premise for our design, therefore the gutter was specially designed to move water from the butterfly roofs, across the structure, to the water cistern on the south-end.  We decided to orient seating and storage underneath the gutter to create a clean, organized space.  We started to call this "Clutter in [...]

Red Lines!

We are still working hard on developing our CD set for the community garden. We have been through a series of red lines with David and the drawings continue to get more fine tuned and provide more information for our structural engineer who will be reviewing the set in the next few days. We are [...]

CD’S Attempt #1

Friday afternoon we met with Reggie and Alicia from Reggie Gibson Architects to take a look at our pavilion and see if he had any suggestion before starting work on construction documents. We also used the opportunity to look at a project of his that is in the pre-preliminary phase of construction documents and that [...]

But wait….where will they sit?

As you all know construction documents are in full swing and the team has dived straight into all the details of how our pavilion will come together. This is a crucial part of the design/build program and I, personally, am excited to learn about construction and how to create the details for these drawings. Along [...]

Construction Documentation

As we continue to resolve and refine the final details of our design this week, we have moved into Revit as we are now in the process of creating our construction document set. Yesterday during studio we met with Ryan, a local exotic and hardwood supplier, who provided us with some valuable information in regards [...]

Rain, Rain, Rain

Since moving to South Carolina in August, I have noticed we do not let rain stop us! So why should our design stop short of embracing the rain??? The Corrine Jones Pavilion has an AWESOME rain feature. There is a 40' linear gutter that runs down the middle of the structure. This gutter is 3 [...]

On to detailing!!!

Yesterday was huge step forward as we were able to finalize most of our design and ‘diagram’. We are now moving in detailing and how really this GREAT structure will come together. We are working in small teams to resolves the materiality, constructibility and overall aesthetic our pavilion and making great strides. Some of the [...]

Hashing It Out

On Friday we met with John Moore, our structural engineering consultant. It was a very informative meeting that brought to light a lot of good things to consider. Much of the time was spent on the details of the gutter, the centerpiece of our design. Yesterday we all met as a group to hash out [...]

Making it Real

Today we meet with structural engineer, John Moore, during studio to help us continue to figure out how we will put the structure together.    We are working to apply all the feedback we received from the past review and our work over the past few days to implement new solutions for the structure, sink, [...]