Site Visit

This past Friday Cory, Kyle, Johnny, Jerome, and myself all went to visit the site. We got to the site by 3pm to start laying down rebar, line, as well as paint. We started off by measuring from the road to the trellis to make sure we started off in the right spot. Them we [...]

Clock’s Ticking

Today we started studio with discussing the plans for next two weeks as we have the first concrete pour scheduled for last weekend of the month. After the discussion we split into different groups and started tackling down the list to do one after another. Storage group started to finalize their material for their structure [...]

Clean Up Time

At the beginning of studio, we went over a few things that were accomplished over the last week and weekend. David went over some of the emails and phone calls that he made, and gave us an update on where our CD set was and what next steps we had to take. Then everyone else [...]

Check The Timeline

Scheduling during a project is essential.  Deadlines and making sure the project are on track are critical.  Last semester the timeline for the project was set but now we are going back and rescheduling a few things to match our current time frame.   Creating a Gantt chart that can be used interchangeably each semester [...]

Dividing Up

Today the group is splitting up. A few of the students are going to Frierson Elementary for class today, so they can begin painting the site lines for where the pavilion will be. We are doing this early so that when our documents get approved we can get straight to breaking ground. Exciting!! The rest [...]

Getting the ball rolling

We are gearing up to start some field work. The crew have been working hard to get the drawings to the point where we can begin some work this weekend. Alex has finished the shop drawings for the steel in the build, so we can begin chopping, grinding and welding the parts and plates we [...]

Getting Organized

This week the studio is getting organized in the shop, verifying material counts, and finalizing shop drawings. We are hoping to break ground as soon as we get approval from OSF which means that scheduling and organization is a top priority in order to minimize error and ensure that the project is completed on time. [...]

QUOTE Season

This past week I was in charge of calling businesses and getting quotes for different material to use for out project. The first places I called was polymershapes and I went to grab a few samples from them to get an idea of what type of material we would use for our project. Then I [...]

Out the Window

Following the deconstruction of the mock-up for the trellis section of the structure, we used the great strategy developed by the students from the previous semester of moving the large pieces of the structure in through the window but this time we did the opposite and moved them out the window. Link to the post [...]