The END (ish)

The final blog post of the semester falls into the hands of the "princess" of Studio V. As much as I love the spotlight, this blog post shines a little light on those who kindly responded to my email during finals week. Even though we are still throwing together the final touches to our Enston [...]


This week has been a hectic one... but definitely one for the books for Studio V!  Keep scrolling to see our three highlights over the past couple days! First and foremost... a very special thank you to The Green Heart Project and The Charleston Housing Authority, for this grand opportunity!  Don Cameron, of The Charleston [...]

David Pastre

The trusses are up and we are HAPPPPPPYYYY! A few issues need to be fixed but we are 90% done and the review went well In my previous post I described the 12 little builders, so now it's time to talk to you all about the man in charge of teaching the 12 little builders. [...]

Assemble That Trust

This was a great and successful day because we were able to assemble four out of the five trusses. We came up with a very effective way to assemble the trusses and this process helped us be more efficient . The great teamwork that everybody brought was definitely a great bonus. It was a great [...]

Morning Update

As we continue to charge forward this week, we are having team members basically working around the clock. There's a morning crew, a night crew, and the understanding that whenever you have free time, you should be in the shop working on the current task or tasks. I say "tasks" because we have about three [...]


This week will be a challenging one, but this is no news to you if you've read some of our last blog posts. We are  pushing forward this week to build and finish benches for programmatic elements as well as fully assemble pieces of the trusses for the final grand assembly on site . This [...]

Because I Love It

"How is your semester going?" This weekend was Thanksgiving break, a time for those of us with little sanity left to rejuvenate ourselves before charging through the final days of the semester. As important and joyous as those days can be, it's honestly painful to reflect back to school and answer how the semester is [...]

Weekend Warriors

This weekend we turned the air quality of the shop to 99% wood dust and filled the cigar factory with the faint smell of paint fumes. At studio V, the weekend is where we all have no other schedules happening so we can give our attention fully to the project- all day each day. This [...]

Studio V Dictionary

Another day another truss. Now that we have moved on to the "real deal" of truss fabrication, and everyone is up to speed on the actual process of building our amazing trusses, let's talk a little bit about the mental preparation it takes to be a successful truss assembler, but most importantly, a Studio V [...]

Divide and Conquer !

On Wednesday, Studio V divided into two groups to maximize class time; eight of us on site and four in the wood shop.  Keep scrolling to see all that was accomplished yesterday! On-Site: Another day, another concrete pour...  Since the formwork for 1 of the 10 piers didn't survive the last concrete pour, we had [...]