Winter Is Coming

Over the weekend, the Frierson group made lots of progress on site. With all of the walls framed, cladded, and secured, all that is left is installing some seating and shelving. This will be designed and fabricated in the woodshop over the next few weeks. The site was also tided up and looks clean as [...]

T-Minus 10 (…days until PLI)

It is great to be back at the Clemson Design Center in Charleston! Coming back after being a part of the Fall 2021 semester, I am excited to be working with the Charleston community again, and our studio cannot wait to get something started for you all. If you have been keeping up with our [...]


This week we wrap up our spring cleaning work before jumping head first into our project at Singleton Park next week – or do we? With the Ardmore planters still on hold for materials, it is safe to say that we will be seeing a little bit more of Ardmore in the near future. As [...]

Working around the Weather

Instead of driving to our Frierson site today to continue with the build, we had to regroup and find out how we can make the best of a rainy and stormy day. Luckily there is plenty to do both on site and off, between managing Frierson and Ardmore as well as preparing for our President's [...]

Rail Hands-On Experience

Just sand both handrails and apply the varnish. Easy enough. As Peyton and I arrived to Forest Park to refinish the bridge handrails we were thinking this job would be done in an hour, tops. We quickly realized that it would not be completed in an hour.  On the first day, we only had one [...]

A Day Worth Framing

Following a rainy, cold Sunday, the sun peeking over clouds was most welcome at the Frierson project site. Having previously finished painting and oat of the exterior wall panel configurations, my fellow students and I split into two groups to tackle the next task at hand: framing interior partition walls. Having aptly prepared all of [...]

Wet Varnish On Rail!!

On Friday the Forest Park team (Staci Knighton and myself) completed our first Spring Cleaning task.  We were tasked to touch up the handrails on the Forest Park bridge project by sanding it and applying a coat of varnish.  When working on Wednesday Staci and I only had one sander between the two of us [...]

Pipe Down!!!

The team at Frierson Elementary School on John's Island completed a great task: gluing PVC pipes and filling the trenches that they were in with dirt! Consisting of Olivia Wideman, Jon Morris and Andre Daniels, this trio within the Frierson Team took on the task of installing the PVC pipes which ran from the gutters [...]

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Today the Ardmore Park team split up to work on two projects: one team went to Forrest Park bridge and the other to Ardmore. The Forrest Park team is working on maintenance for the bridge railing. They began by sanding it down and will finish up by applying varnish to protect it from weathering. The [...]

Making a Game Plan

While taking a tour all over Charleston to visit past projects, we were able to experience each project within their distinct context. It was very inspiring to see how each build settles into the space and it was difficult to imagine the space without the build. Each project existed as if it was meant to [...]