Site Survey Day!

Last class we met with Sandy and his surveying crew at the site. Sandy went out of his way to give us an in depth intro to the survey process and explained all the technologies that they utilize within the process. He discussed how the the technology has evolved since he first started in the [...]

Setting the Groundwork

Our first design iteration meeting with our client on Monday went well.  People from the Charleston Parks Conservancy, the City of Charleston departments, and even community members that live in West Ashley attended. Great feedback was given to all seven teams discussing their designs. Moving forward, we will now be picking aspects of everyone's designs [...]

Post Review Thoughts

Our weeks worth of work in designing a new bridge for the retention pond has paid off! Everyone did excellent work and were able to clearly show their design concept. We met with the the conservancy and others to discuss design concepts from each design that could be incorporated into the next phase of designing. [...]

First review

Over the past several days we have been divided by pairs of two to start the design process for the new bridge at Mulberry pond. Half of the class is working on the west side of the pond while the other half is working on the east side. Every studio last week we meet over [...]

West side vs. East side

Over the past few days our assigned group pairs have pressed on with site analysis and early stages of design. As we have half of the class looking at connecting the West side of the pond the other is looking towards the East. Currently, we have all been doing diagrammatic site analysis as to how [...]

Staking a Claim

Hello everyone, We have a site chosen, and Landon wasted no time ceremoniously staking our claim. We have been busy looking deeper into the site selected. Here are some of the results: Site Analysis Understanding the site is critical to producing a functional design. Luckily we have a few landscape architects in the studio that [...]

Land of a Thousand Bridges

Today marks the first official day of design reviews. The site is chosen, the site data is collected and documented, and the first round of design ideas is ready to be dissected. There are an astounding amount of ways to cross a pond as small as Mulberry! Some are more practical than others of course, [...]

Let the concepts begin!

After our in-person analysis on Friday, our team assigned roles to further our analysis over the weekend. We all collected precedents as well as our analysis assignment in preparation for our group discussion held yesterday. Groups of two were assigned to begin the design process through further precedent studies, conceptual diagrams, and studying of materiality and [...]

Site = Chosen

Using feedback from last Wednesday's community meeting, we have come to the decision to build on the Mulberry Pond site located next to the bikeway. The site features a couple of opportunities for bridges to be built. The next phase of the project will include coming up with design sketches and choosing which side of [...]

Phase I: Complete

As a quick recap, Wednesday evening was our community dialogue alongside the Charleston Park’s Conservancy. In small groups, we ran through several potential site options with members of the community. We openly discussed the pros and cons of each and made sure to listen carefully to the insight and requests from those who live there. [...]