As the brilliant semester comes to a close, we now don't know what to do with ourselves. We are going to go from seeing each other 5 days a week, to not seeing each other at all. Depressing, we know. But thankfully we prepared for this. We started a summer bucket list that we intend [...]

Ray #3 Signing Off

Since yesterday's photo was atrocious I had to find a better one. As we have finally wrapped up the semester and final documentation, the semester has come to a close. This week for studio was the final push wrapping up Ardmore. All the concrete is set and poured, and now we wait till next fall. [...]

The Muscles

As we prepare to wrap up the remainder of the semester, all efforts have been placed in entirely on Ardmore. Although we most likely won't be installing the bridge by the end of this semester, everything will be ready to go to jump right back in at the beginning of the Fall. Today, we set [...]

Finish Line Coming Up

As the semester is coming to a close there is still so much to do! On Friday we were able to get the columns in place and put in the framework for the concrete pour that is happening tomorrow. After we tie up some loose ends on site, we plan on going straight back to [...]

Augers Don’t Fix Foundation Holes

With Frierson finally wrapped up, the A+CB crew has officially transitioned their work to Ardmore. Though the bridge installation will not be completed by the original deadline of the end of the semester, foundation will be poured and ready by our original deadline. In the coming weeks, all the materials for the bridge extension will [...]

The Ribbon is Cut

Today we "unveiled" Frierson's outdoor learning pavilion. Our colleagues from last year who designed the pavilion were able to come down and join us for the ribbon cutting event as well as the majority of the school. It was nice to meet everyone who was part of the process or who have seen the progress [...]

Jackie of all Trades

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog you know that this last week of the semester has consisted of wrapping up a couple of projects with the main focus being on Frierson Elementary. Monday we installed the countertop, sink, shelves, and a few door handles. With no surprise, we stumbled upon a little bump [...]

1 Week To Go

We've got one week left of classes to go before finals and we're all hard at work together to finish up the various projects left. Most of Friday was spent in the woodshop, cutting wood to get ready for a trip back to Frierson or working on metal for the bridge at Ardmore. Kevin's butterfly [...]