Beyond the Classroom!

My ITC project is the most fascinating thing happening right now, along with a lot of other interesting stuff. It's a long and difficult trip, but it's exciting since I'm very passionate about the laminated wood light. Even while I am looking forward to the finished product, I am also enjoying the process till the [...]

Mentorship complete

Yesterday many of us finally reached the 192 hour requirement for mentorship, completing the last day of work for the semester. I started my morning coordinating with my mentor organizing final documents, drawings, models, etc. to prepare for my departure. Although the hours are complete, we still have a couple of readings remaining, a final [...]

Women in STEM

As we still await the go-to to break ground on site, this week is looking promising (cross your fingers). In the meantime though, we have officially completed all major structural components of the build and now we are working on the walls, the sliding doors, and we will be starting the built ins! Even though [...]

Primed and Ready

Today we continue our in-house build with priming (and later painting) our doors and walls to the garden shed. While we finished out the last of the priming, Maddy selected a base color for us to paint. We made sure to cover every inch as the paint not only gives color but also provides some [...]

just keep bending, bending, bending

As we approach the last few weeks of the semester we've become more and more anxious about breaking ground. Though we haven't gotten the okay to proceed with digging on site we've been doing what we can to prepare for the day! This past week we began bending rebar for our concrete slab; this work [...]

Illuminate your Design (Details)

In our Introduction to Craft class we have been ironing out some of the specific detailing for the lamp designs that soon, we'll be beginning to make. Everyone has different approaches to figuring out the scale, dimensioning, and material/product specifications. Some choose to model in software such as Rhino or Sketchup3D and will experiment with [...]

Site Work Imminent?

As we approach Thanksgiving we are all very eager to get on site and get started. On Wednesday we finally got a good taste of working on site. Our rebar was delivered at Singleton Park so we got a group to go out there and start cutting and bending them into loops according to our [...]