What’s this all about?

Our studio has gotten a good idea of the standard that we are going to be held to. As mentioned in previous posts, we have researched and provided maintenance to many past projects. Now as we look forward to this semesters challenge we need to understand the context. Context and background information are key to [...]

Lets Begin…. With Relationships?

As some of you may know, Studio V has been working on many of the past projects that needed a little of attention. Well, that’s all over now and it’s time to get started on what we came here to do! On Wednesday January 22nd, my fellow colleagues and I went out and met on [...]

A Friday in the Park

If you've been following along as the semester kicks off, you will know that we have spent the first week or so repairing the previous semester's projects. This process has given us many opportunities including seeing the past projects, learning more about our classmates, and putting our problem solving skills to the test. We encountered [...]

Head on new beginnings

As you might already know, last week was fun, and a little sad for football fans like me. The Tigers didn't bring home another National Championship and well, I know we will get them next year. Keeping on the fun part......We visited most of the projects that were built in the past 3 - 5years [...]

Wasabi Arugula

As the title alludes, yes, the week has culminated to a spicy and delicately crisp ending. The Architecture and Community Build studio has been working hard this week on cleaning and repairs to projects of semesters past. It has been a wonderful experience to immerse ourselves in the design-build scene and study our student predecessors' [...]

The END (ish)

The final blog post of the semester falls into the hands of the "princess" of Studio V. As much as I love the spotlight, this blog post shines a little light on those who kindly responded to my email during finals week. Even though we are still throwing together the final touches to our Enston [...]


This week has been a hectic one... but definitely one for the books for Studio V!  Keep scrolling to see our three highlights over the past couple days! First and foremost... a very special thank you to The Green Heart Project and The Charleston Housing Authority, for this grand opportunity!  Don Cameron, of The Charleston [...]