Thanksgiving Break

After pushing through these last couple of weeks we all got to put the shovels down, turn the computers off  take a break. During this break I enjoyed spending time with my family during this break. I went home Wednesday afternoon so see my family. Once i got home i went out with some friends [...]

Ready? Set. Go!

All hands-on deck! There are many things on a job site that must be wrapped up before the holiday break can happen! One last caravan ride out to the site before we all can take a well-deserved rest. Even Pastre’s daughter came out to help in preparation.  Belt line members, brackets, digging holes, setting columns, [...]

Steady Rolling

Both crews (the one on site and the one in shop) have had productive work days. On site - We have most the gables standing (woohoo) and have begun hanging the belt lines that tie the gables together, laterally. We are officially beyond the threshold of hardest parts of the build portion. The structure stands [...]

Up They Go!

This weekend was a very productive weekend for the team. As mentioned before we have been split into separate teams, the site team and the shop team. This weekend the site team focused on putting up the remaining gables and installing part of the beltline. Saturday, we finished assembling the gables and then putting them [...]

Stable Gables

This week is a big week for our crew as we've been split in two since this past weekend. One crew has been on site assembling the diagonal steel membranes on the trellis and beginning to raise the gable pieces of the large slab structure, while another crew has been in the shop meticulously assembling [...]

2×6 Trellis Production

  On Wednesday me Cory and David went to site to work on the trellis.  We had to get the 2x6 trellis pieces up. This took us having to cut some of the pieces of wood on site in order for them to fit in the right position. Once we got them all cut to [...]

Shop Hours

Fall break weekend was really productive for the studio. We Cut all the wood for columns and rafters. The 6x10's and 6x8's are being moved to the Mitre saw and cut to size and mitred. On Wednesday the studio split into three different groups. A crew continued cutting the wood, another crew finished up welding [...]

Measure Twice Cut Once

Now that our wood has arrived it’s time to start beveling edges, mitering connections, and cutting large members to length. Since we are working with very large pieces of timber, the process of cutting and finishing is easier said than done. Each piece of wood weighs roughly 500 pounds each and requires the help of [...]

The Waiting Game

Before we can move forward with the project we need to get some more wood. We are currently waiting on a large order of wood that will give us the materials we need to get this project up! The wood should be here by the end of the week. Once the wood arrives, we will [...]