Welcome to the CAC.C Studio V blog.  This blog will be updated daily by the students and professor of Studio V as a way to document our design/build process, and keep all those who may be interested in our progress of the semester’s project informed.

STUDIO V focuses on architecture and tectonics, particularly the relationship between design and building. STUDIO V will emulate practice in that, unlike standard academic exercises, students will not always work in isolation on hypothetical situations. We will work often in collaboration. The studio will offer an approach to design informed by how something is assembled and the materials from which it is made. The studio will employ craft in the execution of the work, which will require patience, planning, understanding tolerance in materials and tools, testing and mock-ups, and the working with the limits and capabilities of tools and materials.

This spring the studio is devoted to the execution of one project- researching, designing, fabricating, and installing a community “farmer’s kitchen” on a small farm on John’s Island in Charleston South Carolina that will be set up as a co-op. Our client, Sweetgrass Garden, is a farm co-op whose mission is growing food for the hungry in Charleston. Sweetgrass Garden will manage the kitchen co-op for  local farmers of Johns Island to process their product for sale.

We will be working closely with Harry Crissy of Clemson University’s Institute for Economic and Community Development, our partner on this project.

One Response to “About”
  1. Gregory Overstrom says:

    Great description of the vision or objectives of CACC studio V. Interesting overview of Fall semester focus with Sweetgrass Gardens. Could you update this tab for the Spring project with Dirthugger (love that name)? Greg Overstrom

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