Architecture + Community Build Certificate

This program is designed for M.Arch. and M.S. Arch. students who wish to further their understanding and application of a community centric architecture + process, design + building at full scale, sustainable programming + entrepreneurship, and post project documentation + sustained community impact. True to the University’s mission, the program embodies the spirit of service-learning and student engagement while celebrating family and community living, sustainable environments, leadership and entrepreneurism, and general education.

The A+CB program involves required architectural design studios and required courses that address specific projects and research questions associated with community design, sustainable practices, and full-scale design and building. The certificate requires 18 credit hours of design studios and courses in Clemson and at the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston (CACC) that can be used to partially fulfill the requirements for the M.Arch. and M.S. Arch. The earned certificate will be acknowledged on the recipient’s academic transcript.

Student Recipients:

Class of 2015
Brian Betz
William Craig
Nick Irman
Jared Lee
Alex Libengood
Alyx McCarthey
Trey Myer
Jianfei Shen
Mary Tran
Adam Windham

Class of 2017
Ameila Brackman
Russell Buchanan
David Herrero
Paul Mosher
Daniel Taylor
Rebecca Wilson

Class of 2018
Yage Chen
Michelle Edwards
Lillian Jones
Matt Kelly
Ailed Mazas
Michael Mioux
Lynn Ng
JT Pennington
Juhee Porwai
Katie Turner
Tyler McKenzie

Class of 2019
Stevie Chen
Linette Green
Katie Kowalski
Cameron McRae
Yibo Zeng

Class of 2020
Taylor Bissert
Chari Chambers
Hawraa Charara
Cameron Foster
Aaron Green
Audrey Hesson
John Murden
Kelly Umutoni

Class of 2021
John Owens
Landon Hannah
Baker Roddey
Daniel Casanova
Brittney Lapple
Michaela Chrisman