Devil is in the Details

Now, I know you may be getting tired of this word, but you’re going to keep hearing it a bit more.  Details.  And there’s a reason for that.  It is all about details right now.  As the previous posts have illustrated, we are rapidly moving into construction documents and will be starting the build before … Continue reading

The details are not the details

“The details are not the details, they make the design.”                                       – Charles Eames As we continue to develop our project based on the feedback we received from John, the structural engineer, we are each taking the time to charette details on the more complicated joints of the project. These include: the roof sitting on … Continue reading

Hip Beams, Trusses, and Hinges…. Oh My!

Yesterday was a very important milestone for our project.  After our review on Monday, it is now time for us to wrap everything up and start generating construction documents.  Before we can do that however, we had to meet with a structural engineer to double check our design, and to solve some construction method issues … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes: CAC.C Woodshop

  One of the best parts of being in Studio V, is the opportunity to learn more about construction techniques and woodworking skills. After participating in a safety training of all machines, students have 24 hour access to the woodshop. All Studio V students also gain even more experience during an elective course, Introduction to … Continue reading

1/2 semester Done and still more to do

The wind at night is getting cooler than before,  autumn is coming . Can’t believe half of the semester has passed. Hurricane Michael push our midterm review from Friday to Monday.  All the studio stayed up really late either in the wood shop or in the studio to finish the model or drawings for Monday’s review … Continue reading

Clean up and make the model

This weekend we clean up the wood shop. And the whole studio is working on the Monday review. We got some 2″X6″ wood for the future mockup that we need to clean our shelf to receive this wood. Monday, we will have our final design review. But we will still keep fixing some detail after … Continue reading

I Revit It Once… In A Book

It’s true… I’ve only used Revit once and it was yesterday. Since we had our class cancelled on Thursday I finally took the time to sit down and educate myself on how to use the software. This was possible because our classmate Rachel has been involved with creating a Revit file for our slat shack … Continue reading

Stormy Waters Ahead

Everything was going great, we where huddled up for the review on Friday. We decided on the scale of the model, worked through joint details, Professor Pastre was helping Ed understand how a door works and all of a sudden we get the unfortunate news that class will be cancelled today, due to the hurricane. … Continue reading

What to do, what to do.. What to do, indeed.

Things have been moving along nicely in Studio V. As we get closer to our goal (and closer to our Friday review) pieces of the project continue to fall into place. Although we are still working to get our final Slat Shack design iteration, I am confident that we will have something that the community … Continue reading

Putting the Cart Before the Horse…Or Next To It.

Well ladies and gentlemen, it certainly seems like we have an ole “cart before the horse” scenario.  With any project, there are a large number of variables that need to be considered.  And this is no less true for our small design proposal.  The trick is learning to manage the proverbial cart and horse.  Or … Continue reading