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The fun is just beginning

We are about 95% finished with the design portion of our studio now it’s time for the BUILD portion. We have about four week before the grand opening gala for REDUX. The first things we have to do this week is finalize the plans and start to Delagate the materials in the each specific portion … Continue reading

Pre-Build Discussion

Our last meeting with the redux crew seemed to yield the results we were looking for. Even before the presentation, the critique group seemed really impressed by the mock up gallery space. I think this was a sign of our investment and a great tool when discussing spacial considerations. This meeting had one of our … Continue reading

Preparing for Review

Today we are working on having prices, materials, and construction details ready for review with Redux and the contractors that are currently working in the space. This past week has been used to figure out the construction details and exactly how the pieces will fit together. Some of the problems we worked out were a track … Continue reading

Nuts & Bolts

For the past week and half, our studio has come together to finalize some of the project proposals for Redux. We have worked on simplifying the receptionist desk, both its location as well as intended functionality. The proposal thus far has been to place it almost in the center of the front of the building, … Continue reading

An Engineer and an Architect Walk into a Studio

This week has been important for us because we are starting to finally branch away from preliminary designs to finalized schemes that require information on hardware and materials.  We know what we want to do and how it will fit in the space.  The question is, how do we build it?  One important thing that … Continue reading

Gallery Wall: Analyzing Functionality and Product Search

Today Wednesday March the 8th, Austin, Everett, Professor Pastre and I researched hardware components for the gallery wall. We searched for ways to cut a groove in concrete, as well as what ball bearing wheels and track systems would be most appropriate . Although we did not purchase anything, or find a definete solution for … Continue reading


As of this week i have been putting in some time working on sketchup.  Sketchup is a great way to get ideas quickly brought to life. On my computer i have a full file of the redux building which was imported for the Revit file given to us by redux. In this file i have … Continue reading

REnew… REfresh…

“REnew… REfresh…” these are the words on the current reception desk inside of REDUX, this idea is taking shape into the new design into the revised design, we are implementing after our review that took place Wednesday March 1st. Now we have three different movable wall that all do the same thing, but in much … Continue reading

One on One turns to One to One

Last week we met with Redux to discus how the moveable walls and desk correlate. We decided to create a one to one model in our studio space to look into how a moveable “L” shaped wall would side out and meet to an area where a intern reception desk would aline. From this model … Continue reading

The Design Ahead

Design has been going well, i believe our whole group really took advantage of the extra time. This showed in our presentation, our interaction with the client was much more engaging. A big change from showing just slides on the board, this time the physical model allowed us to really talk through the proposal. I … Continue reading