This blog post is an update about the client meeting this past Friday.  All went very well and we had a very informative meeting.  For this meeting we met with the executive director and two other board members or Redux along with an architect on the job.  We presented a few ideas about each other … Continue reading


Small Concepts for Greater Opportunities

This afternoon, the 16th of February, we are presenting basic design to members of the current Redux. The new home is situated at 1056 King Street. As a group, we have gone through another design charrette. During the charrette, we spent about ten minutes sketching out a series of ideas for each given concept. We … Continue reading


Following the Ten Commandments

The past couple of weeks have found us working hard since the last client meeting on February 6th.  After talking about priorities with REDUX, we’ve begun to hash out what we should focus on for the time that we have allotted to us, so that we can deliver on all fronts for a REDUX exhibition.  To … Continue reading


Studio Work Day: Narrowing Design Concepts

Today February 15th is the last official studio meeting before we have our review on Friday of the week.  We are currently narrowing down design concepts based on what we are working on; modular walls, reception, gallery niche, stage, and signage. Additionally, some of us are going on site to measure and take photos. This … Continue reading


short burst of ideas

This week were are getting ready for our third presentation to Redux. We will be showing our first concepts for each of the focused design areas. I have been working on the bar niche and signage. The bar niche has many different routes that we can go to. The niche is only two feet deep … Continue reading


Braking Down the Design

This week at the CAC.C studio V has been designing and preparing for a review we are going to have with Redux (our client), the intended purpose of this review is to show them the basic idea of the design we are going trying pursue. So we have partitioned the work load and  every student … Continue reading

Narrowing our focus

At this point in our project with redux we have narrowed down our area of focus to the projects we deem most important. From here we are trying to get a handle on what the range of possibilities are for each individual project. On of my biggest issues when trying to come up with solutions … Continue reading

Designing With Purpose

As designers our job is to think creatively and with purpose. Many times designers can let the aesthetic side of a project take priority while the usability of the end product suffers. This is why it is helpful to practice group design charrettes. During the charrette the group focuses on one section at a time … Continue reading


Charette Time

Today in studio we narrowed down ideas even more since the last meeting with the folks at Redux.  We took their responses and narrowed down our focus into five sections.  These five sections we narrowed down to are moveable walls, reception desk, bar, stage and outside signage.  The way we did this is we would … Continue reading


Slide Show Update 2.1

Yesterday, February 6th, we presented to our client further analysis of the site as stated in Everrett’s blog. The presentation as a whole could have been better organized as David Pastre pointed out after. We are currently improving the layout of our slides so they do not need explanation behind each and every slide. We … Continue reading