Subjective Storage Solutions

The last week I’ve been focused on looking at solving the storage needs that the Charleston Parks Conservancy has provided to us.  I’ve been explaining our project as a shaded pavilion in a public park with garden tool storage, but storage and shade seem like the most important components to me. Leslie from the Charleston … Continue reading

The almost final design.skp

After having more than 8 iterations of the design, we seem to finally steer ourselves into a design idea which we all support and are looking forward to tackling in the upcoming Construction Drawing set. Collaboration and leadership have gone hand in hand this week. It’s not been the easiest week but the result is better … Continue reading


Yesterday, we were continuing to test out our new idea from Monday. We all had met up after our lumber tour for ITC class and discussed what we had to finish for the ‘final design’ before we discuss this with Pastre. After the mini mock-up of the roof on Monday, we have realized that our storage space … Continue reading

Breaking the Rules

“Don’t set up rules for yourself that your design is required to follow. Allow for freedom and multifunctionality, and let it be nimble about what it does”. More or less (mostly less) of a direct quote from Pastre. But that’s essentially what the theme was yesterday. We have pushed our review that was supposed to … Continue reading

One Team. New Scheme. Same Dream.

On Friday the studio huddled up again in the small conference room, just as we did on Wednesday, and reviewed the design for the the Medway storage pavilion. Unlike Wednesday however, we were reviewing one model that Juhee had done in SketchUp. This model was derived from all of our discussions on Wednesday regarding the … Continue reading

Divide & Conquer.

This Thursday was a day to divide and conquer. After having our very productive meeting, where we decided the final direction for the project, the class divided into a modeling team, storage design, materials, budget, and scheduling. There are many areas that need to be consider to make this project happen, and we are taking advantage of … Continue reading


During Wednesday’s studio time we all got together and tried to squeeze our ideas into one design. As expected, there were some moments of disagreement and dispute. It is incredibly difficult to design a structure with twelve hands on the pencil (mouse), needless to say we were reminded of that. It took a while to get … Continue reading


In order to prepare for the next review with the parks conservancy, our design and research is going to be much more in depth than the last two presentations. This will also involve making sure that our design is well researched and well understood by a few potential new members of our jury. On Monday … Continue reading

It’s Getting Real

On Monday, October 2nd we had our first work day in which the whole studio was working on the same design. We gathered together to kick off this new stage in the project. We first laid out what steps we should take next and what goals we have for the coming weeks of work. We … Continue reading

Excellent Works and Presentations

At September 29, our four groups gave amazing presentations about their proposals for the Community Garden pavilion. Each of the group showed the diagrams, model, drawings, renderings, to imagine how they think of the pavilion would be. Compare to the last presentation, individual presentation, this time we combine these individual designs into 4 very different … Continue reading