Forrest Park Bridge

Fall 2020

The Forrest Park bridge, completed in the Fall of 2020, uses an interesting form of tension to suspend the handrail that runs alongside the bridge. The effect created is a unique display of steel rods acting as cables. Inspiration for the project came from a manual exploration of the concept of tensegrity coined by Buckminster Fuller and the work of Robbie Cuthbert. After learning how tensegrity worked and driven by a curiosity to rethink the main components of a bicycle, such as the bike’s spokes and wheels, the students crafted a sculptural bridge that would reflect the bikeway’s community, and to emphasize the innovative use of tensegrity in an architectural form.

Team: Ryan Bing, Jeremy Eaton, Mohamed Fakhry, Claire McManus, Henry Lee III, Aaron Autry, Kevin Crumley, Autumn Hinson, Bethea Gauge, Amanda Metze, Brian Heape, Caleb Thomas, Shane Lenard