Ardmore and Sherwood Forest Park Pavilion

Fall 2021

North of last semester’s bridge sits a larger retention pond with land that the city of Charleston intends on turning into a comprehensive park with a walking path and playground. Similar to the past semester, our studio partnered with the City of Charleston and the Charleston Parks Conservancy to design a pavilion that will serve as a teaching element on sustainable strategies for water collection, handling surface runoff, and passive climate conditioning with a green roof. On a more day to day basis it provides shade for resident families. Beyond being a shade and educational piece, this pavilion serves as a catalyzing element for the future proposal of a playground.

This dual system roof features a green roof on the southern side of the pavilion to aid in keeping the space cooler during the hot summer days in Charleston and a metal roof that collects water into elevated garden plots. This will provide the residents of Ardmore and Sherwood Forest a shaded, comfortable space to watch their children play as well as a functional education piece on sustainable design. From CD’s through physical construction of the pavilion, this project required intentional teamwork, coordination with the city and Conservancy, and a diligent work ethic.

Team: John Owens, Daniel Casanova, Landon Hannah, Mia Walker, Michaela Chrisman, Baker Roddey, Brittany Lapple, Ian Kordanis, Geoffrey Powell, Kayla Pratt, Maddi Riester, Xander Pagayen, Lauren P.