Ardmore Bridge

Spring 2023 – Fall 2023

Adding onto the legacy of the Ardmore Pavilion and the Mulberry Pond Crossing build projects, we decided to build a bridge over a pond drainage ditch that split the city’s planned park path. Not only does this bridge catalyze the further city investment into this beautiful site and its planned walking path and edible garden, it also increases the community accessibility to a wonderful public space.

We were given an existing 20 ft design-build bridge from Clemson main campus as well as additional parts for extending it, and were tasked with designing about a 12ft extension of the bridge on either side to bring it to a total of about 44 feet. The scope of this project included designing the structural connections and continuity between the existing bridge and the additions on either side as well as clearing the landscape of dense brush, digging deep foundations and pouring concrete around 8×8 timber posts that supported the bridges between the concrete landings. Finally, the city used a crane to place the three bridge sections into place on the posts and we welded and bolted the bridge into place.

Full of daily design & construction problem-solving, this bridge project ended up being quite the exercise in teamwork, precise planning and coordination.


Team: Staci Knighton, John Whitticar, Myliah Boyd, Andre Daniels, Micah Holdsworth, William Scott, Peyton Davy, MaKayla Cline, Olivia Wideman, Maddi Riester, Kevin Arnold, Kelsey Piotrowski, Jon Morris, Mia Walker, Divya Agrawal