Corrine Jones Pavilion

Spring 2019

This spring, the community build studio researched, developed, and executed a community garden and shade structure/pavilion in Corrine Jones Park of the Wagner Terrace community. After a series of meetings and presentations to the Charleston Parks Conservancy and partners, a final design was approved and built. This was a unique site because a previous studio also completed a project in Corrine Jones Park, directly adjacent to this site.

Despite the different programs of the two projects, it was important to acknowledge and consider the materials, shapes, and elements used in the first project when designing this one so that they somewhat complemented each other.

This community garden was designed to be a place to truly be utilized by the community as a place of gathering to not only garden, but fellowship, and grow together as a community as well. Each design element was thought through diligently in order to utilize and make the space as successful as possible.

Team: Cameron Foster, Roberto Diaz, Megan Gotzsche, Nicole Coker, Taylor Bissert, Philip Riazzi, Kelly Umutoni, Aaron Green, Hawraa Charara, Ryan Massengill, John Murden, Audrey Hesson