William Enston Home

Fall 2019

This fall, the community build studio worked with American College of Building Arts, Charleston Housing Authority, and The Green Heart Project at the William Enston Homes site. The built project functions as a kiosk for a nearby farmer’s market on the southwest end of the site. This project was especially important to consider this history of the surrounding area and come up with a design that complemented things like arches and colors that are present. The final built structure consists of an intricate arch, mobile benches that can also function as tables, and materials such as concrete and timber frame.

The studio focused on building a structure that would match the angled orientation of the existing William Enston Home structures in order to respect the historical grid layout.  Additionally, the design incorporate mini gardens and rain water collection to align with the clients’ mission on education and sustainability.

Team: Audrey Hesson, Taylor Bissert, Chloe Voltaire, Libby Pelzel, Kendall Massey, Lauren Davis, Dris Devone, Ahmad Walker, Nicole Coker, Chari Chambers, Jaylin Richmond, Alexander Poston