Time for Pier Formwork

With the plans to begin and complete pier formwork tomorrow, today marks a busy day for Studio V.  The form-work that will be made will be used to form the piers when we get ready to do our 3rd concrete pour.  Earlier in the week, the studio had been tasked with some preliminary site work [...]

Rebar Queens

I think I can speak for many of us when I say there is a certain level of pride and satisfaction one takes in the physical feats of strength that test you in this studio. In taking this studio a second time around there were two situations I personally was looking forward to again - [...]

The beginning of construction!

Today marks the beginning of construction. It’s taken a lot to get to this point. We’ve made “real” construction drawings, which was the first time for numerous of my classmates; myself included, made "mock-ups" of certain aspects of our design, we’ve presented to the client Green Heart plenty, and we’ve also presented to the BAR; [...]

Let’s Get it Started

Over the weekend the whole team was out doing site work. This included laying down our measurements for our slab. We also started taking out bush limbs that would be too in the way. We also did a quick spray paint of our slab and where the structural bays would go. It was really cool [...]

Operation Mock Up!

Over the weekend a few of our Studio V members where working in the shop to construct a mock up of our truss system. Mock Up 1: We began with a half-sized scale truss and went through all the steps it would take to fully construct our sandwiching of layers and members. Throughout this time [...]

Scheduling Time!

Construction is right around the corner... and Studio V is closing out the week with shop drawings, and tallying material quantities!  This week I have spent a great deal of time organizing a master schedule for the final eight weeks of the semester.  This spreadsheet is ranging from design components, such as finalizing storage elements, [...]

Urban Garden Party!

Yesterday was a fantastic day for our client! Greenheart hosted a successful fundraiser on the future site of the Enston Home Community Garden. The "Urban Garden Party" was set up with four main stations. These stations were meant to give an idea of the type of activities/processes that will be in the future garden. Investors, [...]

Recharged and Refocused

The past couple of days, Clemson University had its' fall break. Many members of our studio returned home to rest up before the big task ahead of us. Taking this time to be around the family and step away from studio work will do us good in the long run. I know I have enjoyed [...]

John Moore Pt. 2

Some of my classmates and I had the opportunity of having our structural engineer John Moore as a guest speaker/teacher in our Architectural Seminar class (ARCH 4210). He taught us the fundamental principals to buildings and their structure. The purpose of his teachings was to help us understand the basic structural principles and material qualities [...]

B.A.R Review + Stress Management

This week we have been continuing work on construction documents and program planing for the Farmer's Stand as well as for the B.A.R presentation on Thursday. We have submitted for final approval for the Farmer's Stand in order to be able to to start construction and finish the project in a timely manner (Mid-December). If [...]