In Full Support

Happy Thursday! We got a lot accomplished on site yesterday including the park side formwork set, bracing to support all formwork, and the rebar bending process began.  The day mainly consist of making sure measurements were precise, the base of the holes were level, and placement of everything was lined up and perfect. .  .  [...]

Formwork [almost complete!]

Hello everyone! It has been a crazy week that we are now in the middle of. I would also say it is a vital week that we have taken very seriously in order to make the most progress possible. Today, we set most of the formwork on the bikeway side (in the freezing cold I [...]

Formwork take 2

Hey everyone! I come bearing good news! We have been using our break to create a new set of formwork drawings and from those shop drawings we have created a new set of formwork to drop in on site today. Our steel was also delivered and bent to the radius that we needed for our [...]

Rest, Relax, Reset

As our work slowing comes to a close before splitting ways for the Thanksgiving Holiday there is much accomplished and still more to be accomplished. As many others have talked about, we spent the greater part of the last two weeks out on site preparing for our concrete pour. While part of our group was [...]


Anyone who has seen the movie Holes (or read the book) knows that digging holes is hard work. Maybe Shia LaBeouf knows it best of all. As it turns out Studio V is also about to learn firsthand what it takes to dig some holes. After a successful day of spray painting the lines for [...]


Good morning everyone, and welcome back! As we start heading towards the end of the semester, the virtual students are still moving forward at completing construction details for the horticulture center at Magnolia Park. This time around, we are focusing on how our designs and details will work together in the built environment. Since our [...]

Spoke Me I’m Dreaming

When you settle with wheels as the major inspiration for your design, the studio and our google drive becomes somewhat of a hub for lackadaisical jokes. To recount a list of the file names in our drive for current models, we have: -SPOKE 2 SOON -TWO SPOKES UNDER PAR -SPOKEMON -SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE FAN [...]

the devil is in the details

Good Morning Everyone. I want to catch you all up on the design for the Conservancy's headquarters at Magnolia Community Garden. This past week we all accomplished a lot and mostly wrapped up the design portion of the project. We began focusing more on the structural aspects and started researching materials to further understand how [...]