Framing Fun

After the pilons were driven into the pond, our next biggest question was 'how in the world are we going to build onto them'? The answer to that was to install temporary scaffolding on the lower portion of the pilons in order to be able to stay above the water. This came with it's own [...]

Before and After

Just a few weeks ago we were looking at the site trying to decide where we wanted our site to be. Since then we have come a long way. We formed a design that we like and worked on with many different individuals on and then laid it out actually on the site. From there [...]

Doing some yard work

Over the past week and multiple changes later we finally have our construction documents finished. While that was going on, a crew of us went to the site to clean up some overgrown vegetation. This did not only make it look 10 times better but now we have a clear path for our walkway to [...]

Wood Ain’t Cheap

Hello everyone, Over the past few days we have finally finished our CD sets, so they are completed and ready to go. YAY! However, One big obstacle that we have to tackle is our budget. Currently, we have been in contact with Lowes in hopes of getting donations as well as other venders. As Baker [...]

Working Hard or Hardly Working

Hello all, We have been up to a few things. 1. Finilizing CD set. We are adjusting a final package of CD sets to be approved by all partnering individuals and organizations. The roof is changing from cedar shake to a standing seam aluminum to fit the language of past projects and the parks vernacular. [...]

Time to get to work!

With final CD sets being finished and the site completely prepped; our team eagerly awaits construction beginning Monday. The driving of piers will begin on Monday while we begin to pre-fab structural components in the woodshop. Once the piers are driven we will begin the floor framing and really get this construction underway.  Many busy [...]

The Roof is on Fire (and Deep Fried)

As we move closer to the placing of the piers, the class is making final preparations to get started on construction next week. A group consisting of Michaela, Brittany, Baker, and John (myself) have been working to knock out the remaining details, which consist of the roof connections and the handrails. The goal is to [...]

The Chronicles of Mulberry Pond

On Monday, we split tasks within the group. As some continued to wrap up CDs, some adjustments had to be made to our foundation plan due to changes made on site. As this all comes together, we are keeping track of our material count for accurate pricing as we begin placing orders. One team continues [...]

Saturdays Are For Sitework

Our first Saturday workday is officially in the books! We headed out to site at 8am in hopes of waking up before the bugs, but no such luck. We split into two teams – girls on landscape cleanup and boys on foundation layout. Nothing like a little friendly competition to get the job done. Now [...]

Moving and Grooving

A few of us got our hands dirty on-site during studio on Wednesday and the rest of the crew stayed back to keep working on the roof design. The roof design is wrapping up and is looking great. A couple of us will be heading out to the site again tomorrow to finish up cleaning [...]