Urban Horticulture Center Part 2

While the "in-person" students jump into their new schemes of the bridge for Forest Park, myself and two other virtual students continue to dive deeper into our design for the urban horticulture center. Last week was our first full week tackling the project individually. We began by setting up a schedule for the remainder of [...]

Let the Schemes Begin

Heading into the end of this week, we have both the project type and project site established. The studio is now tasked with individually brainstorming as many different iterations of bridge schemes for placement at Forrest Park, which will discuss in class later today. The process of designing this pedestrian bridge begins separately, but as [...]

Building Bridges

Hey Everyone, The Architecture Community Build studio has finally found a site to begin working on! Our site is a small area where the bikeway meets Forest Park. We get to redesign the bridge! The Studio spent some of Wednesday's class time on the site to get a better understanding of the area . After [...]

Understanding Site

Happy Wednesday! On Monday we received news that our site may be changing, but our two groups are continuing to research each site. My group has been working on a possible program for part of the West Ashley Greenway behind the Charleston Tennis Center. After visiting the site, all six of us noticed different things [...]

Different Directions

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We had a great day in studio yesterday. The Community Build graduate students shared what we learned over the weekend with the potential overlook site at the Stono River, while some of the other graduate and undergraduate students shared what they discovered when visiting the Farmfield site.  The online students met with [...]

Moving Onwards

Hi Friends! On the previous Friday we as a class discussed our options going forwards for the studio. We determined for the time being that we would have the online students continue the previous project, the returning studio V students work on the dock project, and the new studio V students work on the tennis [...]

The time to pivot

After our review this past wednesday we had a great talk with the Conservancy about the future of this semester. We all were encouraged to think about what we would like out of the rest of our semester and investigate how we could achieve it. For me personally, I am very excited about the potential [...]

The Future of Studio

Wake up Charleston area! We are back again, every morning at 9 to give you your daily update on Studio V. Yesterday we presented our 7 strategies to the Conservancy and received individual feedback on the pros and cons of each presentation. Below are the design strategies we came up with ......       [...]