Dissections are fun too!

After a lot of careful consideration, the groups have been decided. As you may already know, our class of 12 was split into two separate groups of six each. These groups consist of three graduate level students and three undergraduate level students.  Also, each group was given a site along the greenway either being the tennis [...]

Saddle Up

Well, here we go. It's time to lace up our boot straps and try to hold on for a wild ride that is going to take us into May. It is finally the point in time where we put the pen to paper and start trying to find a solution to our respective sites along [...]

Make the most of your Egrets.

That's a GREAT looking bird. Its a great white egret. I found this guy while taking a walk on the West Ashley Greenway this past weekend with my wife, Hannah, and my dog, Romulus. Studio V is deep into research and compiling our thoughts into some concepts for a few key sites along the Greenway. [...]

A couple of sites in sight

Week 4. Don’t forget the basics of what this is all about. We’re situated along the long axis of a narrow straight, and when I say long I mean 8.5 miles of straightaway, vertical gain/loss negligible, heat bearing down in summer, black asphalt paved, precarious street crossings, that car was never going to stop--close shave--place [...]

First Impressions

Breaking the Ice There is always that pressure to make a good first impression when meeting someone new. It is not as bad knowing that the Charleston Parks Conservancy has had a long and fruitful relationship with Pastre and Studio V students in the past. However, us Spring 2020 students are the new kids at [...]

Hello, my name is…

It’s hard to believe that we are already closing out our first month of the semester; time has been flying by for us over here at the C.D.C. This week has been full of milestones with one of the biggest ones coming up this afternoon. This afternoon is our first meeting with the Charleston Parks [...]

Get Up Stand Up

After a week of several group meetings, the class presented their ideas through a series of stand ups, or rather, a brief update on each person or group's work to date. Everyone stood up and individually or in groups briefly brought the class up to date on research they had gathered or map work they [...]

Maps on Maps on Maps

  We are going full force working on our presentation for Friday here in Studio V.  Some of us are working on sifting through countless precedents, some of us are working on researching the history and demographics of the area, and others of us are focusing on the graphics of the presentation.  A huge part [...]

Bikes. Brainstorming. Bridges…

Higgins Pier After an intense day of field study, biking the West Ashley Greenway, the A+CB team heads back to Studio V with a better understanding of the current site conditions along Charleston's premier walking trail.  An outdoor experience and hands-on building projects are the reason a lot of us joined Studio V and now [...]