A Lamp Unto My Feet, A Light Unto My Path

Disclaimer: I'm not getting spiritual on you all with this title (iykyk); however, I deem it fitting for today's discussion and objective.  Today we worked on and further developed our ITC project, which is to design and build a functioning lamp using either casting, laminated wood, or a combination of both.  Towards the end of [...]

Savannah Versus Charleston

Today the architecture students at the Clemson Design Center in Charleston took a field trip to historic Savannah, Georgia. This was an exciting trip as I, personally, haven’t been on a field trip since undergrad. Savannah is a great city with a rich history and culture that we were able to experience today, some of [...]

Be Prepared!

Over this weekend we spent time to further prepare for our build on site. If everything is cut and drilled correctly, it should all come together relatively quickly. This week has been spent working on our 6x6 columns and our 2x10 elements throughout the build. With drawings in hand, we have been hard at work [...]

Out and About

On Tuesday this week, my "Inevitable Inundation" classmates and I celebrated Halloween by "trick or treating" for mitigation techniques on historic homes located around the lower end of the Charleston Peninsula.  It was very nice to have the opportunity to get out and about and have a break from the normal routine. In addition it [...]

Keep Going!

The pavilion is intriguing as it requires us to constantly plan ahead. To ensure that we have what we need when we need it, we must decide what to order now. As a result, we have completed the hardware count today, which includes through bolts, lap screws, carriage bolts, timber screws, Titen HD screw Anchor [...]

Hi David. Hi David!

Happy Halloween!   For us, we all decided to dress as our favorite person in the world. We could be something from celebrities to politicians. Coincidentally we all came in as David Pastre, even the studio mascot!   Today we had ITC. It was a workday for our lamp designs. Many of us are working [...]

Pitter Patter, lets get at er

Every day we are getting closer to breaking ground at Singleton. However, in the meantime we are doing everything we can to prefabricate our structural members so we can assemble things together on site and stay on track. While there is still a lot left to, we all feel confident that we are keeping on [...]

Happy Birthday C.A.C.C.

Today, we convened to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the C.A.C.C. The event brought together current students, faculty, community leaders, and alumni to engage in conversations spanning the center's history, its current state, and its future. The day was marked by dialogues held during group discussions, which were guided by a thought-provoking prompt designed to [...]

Happy 35th Anniversary to the CAC.C!

What a special day it is today! 35 years of the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston and many more to come! Today will be a busy day as the design center has invited past alumni to come and celebrate. Special thanks to everyone who makes the CAC.C thrive! As far as the build goes.. we're [...]