Moving and Grooving

A few of us got our hands dirty on-site during studio on Wednesday and the rest of the crew stayed back to keep working on the roof design. The roof design is wrapping up and is looking great. A couple of us will be heading out to the site again tomorrow to finish up cleaning [...]

On Site!

 We began the last class in the studio and discussed what needed to be finalized in the roof and railing structures.  Our intentions were to mark the location for the bridge's post but we weren't able to access a floating deck from Blu Tide.  Then a group of us went out to the site to get some [...]

It’s All About the Money

As the design is being finalized and CDs are being approved, we have come to the question of money. It usually always ends up being about the money. We are pursuing some grants from the Conservancy and from the city in order to accomplish all the aspects of the project including the deck, pavilion, path, [...]

It’s been awhile…

Last time you heard from us we were getting into our construction documents, trying to finalize our roof design, and meeting with the structural engineer. We then went on spring break and after 10 long and relaxing days we are back! Some of us went away while others had a staycation and explored the beautiful [...]

Getting some structure

Wednesday we met with the structural engineer John, to look over some of our details and model that we created. We went over some details about roof, railing, beams, and truss. Some adjustments John recommended was that the beams need to 2x10 and not 2x8 and possible have two of them instead of one.  Another [...]


Today we hit the ground running by meeting with the structural engineer, John.  From this meeting we learned that we needed to beef up the foundation of our structure a little bit and got a pretty understanding of what this portion of the design will entail. In addition, we came up with some ideas as [...]


  When we started talking CDs, I immediately thought: That's a dead media format.  Then I was informed we were talking about Construction Documents. It started making sense because when John tried to jump straight into construction, it was apparently too early. Here he is practicing:   So there is a step in between, and [...]

Full Steam Ahead!

Studio today represented a pivotal point in the design process for the West Crossing at Mulberry Pond! Over the weekend we were each assigned a detail to begin working through and showed up to class today ready to begin piecing them together. This step in particular has been an important lesson in communication, collaboration, and [...]

Sometimes you must tear it down to build it up.

On Friday we had the pleasure of Daniel Harding visit our class to discuss the structural integrity and ideas before we headed into the weekend. Our meeting was very successful and sparked some new and insightful ideas that helped push our plan and details even further. Over the weekend we all began to look deeper [...]