The Great Unknown

Strange times to say the least. In life we usually have an answer, or at least have someone with the answer we are looking for. Today we find ourselves without many answers.  We find ourselves thinking of many things that we never thought of in the past. We find ourselves feeling oddly, human. This virus [...]

Switching Gears

Hopefully the news that I am about to bestow on you all today doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. As the pandemic that is upon us worsens, Clemson as well as many other institutions are taking quite a bit of precautionary measures. One of which is online classes for the remainder of the semester. [...]

Un altro Giorno…..

We are getting close........ Hello Friends, It is been a while but here I am again, ready to take you on a short ride so that you can be on the loop with what has been going on in studio V. Unfortunately, today's ride won't last long like the other ones because we spent most [...]

The bend is nigh

Good Morning! Today we will reconvene in studio to discuss some explorations into the structure and progress of our projects. Although we are focusing primarily on final design and construction documentation this week, we had to break and explore some mock-ups of connections and processes to manipulate steel. Early this week we dabbled in some [...]

All Aboard…

...this choo choo train because it's time to choo choo choose some materials so that we can lock down the connecting details of our designs this week! In short, this week will be a bit of a grind, both groups are progressing well towards an end goal, but we have much to do when it [...]

Well Well Weld

Know Your Material As designers, we often get into the habit of conceptualizing ideas that are.... well, ideal. So when it comes to the process of grounding them in reality, many of us tend to get a little frustrated. It is easy to say "just hand it off to the engineers and let them see our [...]

Material World

Yesterday was one of those defining moments in our project where we realized just how real our projects really are. We met with structural engineer John Moore and started to get into specifics about materials, connections, and assembly. At this point our projects are fairly defined, we have solid concepts and broad designs that everybody involved [...]

The Greatest Common Factor

Our final concept design presentation is in the books! After more than a week of concerted effort, shared agony, and general lack of sleep... I feel like what we were able to share with our audience was a successful start to a great project. As the nerves wore off from presenting our ideas to a [...]

Final Design meeting today!

Hello Again! We have been powering through this week for today. We are going to present our "final" designs today to the client.  As you know, the studio has been designing and diagramming and preparing for the last few weeks on these designs to really address our clients needs. We do not want to give [...]