Can we build it? Yes, we can!

Today a group of us went to Edith L. Frierson Elementary to install cabinetry and shelving that a group of students designed and fabricated this past week. We spent most of the day on site screwing the pieces together as well as trimming down pieces that didn't quite fit the as-built dimensions. Most of the [...]

Preparing for Opening

We're continuing to prepare for the Frierson site opening scheduled for April 27th. We are continuing to work on furniture and final details of the project. The wooden framework for the counter, sink and benches is making great progress as well as the metal hardware for the doors. By now the team has become much [...]

The Butterfly House

Over the past several days I have focused much of my attention on my Community 1:1 project for the local non-profit Katie's Krops. To recap, this project entailed designing and building a "butterfly house" which is a safe habitat for Monarch Butterflies. The structure needed to be large enough to serve as an enclosed, screened-in [...]

Ready, Set, Go!

We are quite delighted for the Frierson site's opening on April 27th. We worked on the designs for shelves, benches, sinks, and other items this week. We ordered the supplies and began working on the furniture. We also began cutting, grinding, and welding steel that would be utilized as hardware. The Frierson group was split [...]

Bringing the Drawings to Life

As the week comes to an end, the Frierson group is working to execute the prefabricated elements for the counter, bench, and door handles. Because of the long commute to the site, we are staying in the shop this week to precut and weld as many pieces as possible. It is crucial we start pre-assembling [...]

Go Dawgs!

After wrapping up my internship with Liollio Architecture for the semester, I have decided to make the most of my mornings. Knowing how hectic the end of a semester can be, I wanted to make myself more available in the morning for my professor and classmates. One of my mornings I had attended an OAC [...]


This week we have broken up into three teams (Frierson, Ardmore, and Singleton). With only a few weeks left of class we are trying to push out some final things with all of these projects. Frierson l has some work that is being finished to it. Ardmore has planters and a bridge installation that will [...]

Frierson Posse

As a member of the Frierson posse, I can give some insight into what we accomplished for the day and our plan for the remainder of the week. We've assembled a set of drawings for the bench, counter for the sink, shelving, and handles for each operable door. We need these drawings to be hyper-specific [...]

Here We Go Again

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. With only three weeks left in the semester, there are a lot of things that are needing to be done. We have three projects that we are working on and plan on having them finished by the end of April! With that, we have broken up [...]

Putting the Community in Community Build

This week called for all hands on deck to prepare for our final design review with our partners and our community outreach event. Like any review week, every minute was precious. Some students worked on mounting our design boards in the wood shop with spray adhesive right before the review. (It brought on a lot [...]