Perusing the Portfolio

On Friday, we spent the day visiting the various sites of some of the past and on-going A+CB projects.  This was a great opportunity for us to reflect on the history of the program, to appreciate the hard work of many of the previous A+CB students, and to recognize the level of quality in the [...]

The Journey Begins!

The first day of class at CACC was unlike I had ever experienced in school. There was no conventional presentation or theoretical lesson. Instead, there was a very interesting workshop for laser cutting. It was fun learning the new skill which will be very helpful not only in our academics but in professional life as [...]


As we get closer to the finish line, it’s getting harder and harder to not take a moment to stop and appreciate the little things. Probably one of the most exciting moments throughout the build is watching the details come to life. Although some of the details were incredibly difficult to achieve, the final result [...]

The Final Countdown

After a long and productive semester, we present the fruits of our labor. The nice thing about being in the Charleston campus is that we have a more intimate setting, and we all are able to see each other's work. Yesterday was full of exciting activities.  First ITC went out to the Isle of Palms [...]

Framing Fixes

As mentioned in my previous post, there were issues identified with the prefabricated wall frames that needed to be fixed in the shop before they could be sent out to the site. Yesterday Kyle, Hannah, Shelton, and I worked on fixing the frames and polycarbonate so that they could be ready to ship out to [...]

Framing Issues

A few weeks ago we built the frames for the storage walls and started placing the polycarbonate on the frames. During this process, we noticed that the walls and the polycarbonate sheets were not perfectly square. To fix this, I diagnosed all of the issues with the frames and came up with solutions to fix [...]

The Big Presentation

On Friday we presented out Studio Project to our fellow classmates as well as three reviewers. We discussed how our semester picked up from the previous class left off. We talked about the challenges we had throughout the semester as well as all of the success we had. Everyone discussed a different part of the [...]

Storage Wars

Polycarbonate has arrived and is being slapped (gently and precisely) onto our door panel frames. The material is a lightweight, durable plastic that is easy to work with and, best of all, has surface properties similar to a whiteboard. This means the material is perfect for these outdoor learning environments because, with the right markers, [...]

To The Sky!

With our final review on Friday, we have been working hard. This weekend the site crew was working on finishing the roof and belt line. The remaining purlins were put up on Saturday which meant we could begin attaching the tin roof. The long tin sheets took a team to raise. Kyle and I would [...]