QUOTE Season

This past week I was in charge of calling businesses and getting quotes for different material to use for out project. The first places I called was polymershapes and I went to grab a few samples from them to get an idea of what type of material we would use for our project. Then I [...]

Out the Window

Following the deconstruction of the mock-up for the trellis section of the structure, we used the great strategy developed by the students from the previous semester of moving the large pieces of the structure in through the window but this time we did the opposite and moved them out the window. Link to the post [...]

Fly high

After a week of research and rebuilding the kites, ITC students went back to the beach yesterday to test their kites. This time with proper bridles and tails the kites flew better. Amanda's kite flew the highest and attracted visitors from the beach. After experimenting the kites, we went back to studio to wrap up [...]

Clemson 31 – GA Tech 17

The team met up over the weekend to tackle some items on the to do list. With the timeline for CD submittal approaching, groups met with Professor David Pastre to go over storage ideas, site location/paths, and the red lining of the previous CD set. The new students came together to share new perspectives on [...]

Measuring it all out!

Design is exciting but what all goes into it? Research is the key! For the few of us who are new this semester we had to get an understanding of how the school operated. The premise behind a Montessori school means lots of hands-on learning activities. Taking that into account we were tasked with designing [...]

The First Visit Back

Yesterday was the first site visit to Frierson Elementary School of the new semester. For the people new to the studio, like myself, it was the first time seeing the school and meeting some of the kids, teachers, and the principal! I had never been to a Montessori school so seeing the layouts of the [...]

Site Visit Day

Today is the new group's first visit to the site and first time meeting the staff. We have been preparing plenty of material to get the best faculty and student feedback to finish the design. I, personally, am very excited to see what the student engagement is like, especially with the idea of preserving their [...]

Introduction to Craft

Over the weekend the studio came together to continue the work from last semester as well as make adjustments to our project’s architectural drawings so that we would be able to make a submittal to the Office of School Facilities (OSF) and obtain a permit to begin construction. Our goals for the weekend were to [...]


This past week was full of introductions and picking up where the previous semester left off. We first reviewed details about our client, THE site, and the programming of our structure. Dave told us newbies the importance of the OSF (Office of School Facilities) and its long inspection process of the architectural drawing set. Since [...]

Ya live and ya learn

As we've been posting on here the past few weeks, we've been reflecting on how this semester's project went and where we would like to see changes. One of the things that came up in our final review was the idea of our trellis mock-up being a sort of prototype for the larger project--an idea [...]