Clutter in the Gutter

The "clutter in the clutter" is what we've lovingly deemed the central spine that sits under the gutter and will hold functional items between slabs of concrete. The "clutter" was organized using a series of ten concrete slabs that are spaced evenly between the columns. The concrete slabs were created with slots that will accommodate [...]


This past weekend we made a great deal of progress on site. With all columns, beams, and rafters in place, the main structure was finally completed. This was an exciting moment as it gave us an actual sense of what the pavilion will be like, which is a bit larger than anticipated, but that was [...]

Vertical Garden Underway

While half of the team is on site working with columns and beams and getting them set in place, other members of the Studio V team are back at the shop preparing the vertical garden. The vertical garden is made up of steel angle frames along with wire mesh that will be welded together once [...]

And Lift Off!

After a strong push to get things assembled and ready last weekend and the past few days things are starting to fall into place, literally! With all the posts finally up, using the Genie Lifts that were brought back from Celmson on Monday (thanks Cam!), we were able to get our 48 ft long gutter [...]

Almost Ready to Lift

Last night we moved all the rafters to the site and assembled our 48 FOOT beams that run down the center of the structure helping to support the roof and gutter. A couple of key deliveries came yesterday: Our GUTTER and the wire mesh for our vertical garden. Moving forward this week you will see [...]

And the Posts Go Up!

The weekend was a super productive one. The rafters were assembled after being cut to the right sizes, getting beautiful tapered ends and being treated with stain and epoxy. The columns were also cut, prepared and the went up Sunday afternoon: it was an all hands on deck kinda day. One of the biggest lessons [...]

Concrete Pour

"CONCRETE'S HERE!" - Dave Pastre After a long weekend of adjusting the formwork and pumping water again, and again, and maybe again from the rain the site was officially prepped. While all that was going on groups were in the shop working hard to put together the formwork for the "clutter in the gutter" (storage, [...]

Busy Weekend in the Shop

This weekend we spent a lot of time in the shop welding and getting pieces ready for today's concrete pour.  That included putting together form-work.  Form-work is tricky because you have to think about things in reverse.  Thankfully our clutter-in-the-gutter team had it all figured out so we just had to focus on cutting and [...]

FORM work

Since most of us have not had experience building form work for concrete pours, there was a lot to learn. One important thing we found out during the process is that well built form work is the KEY to success in any concrete pour. Concrete is heavy, weighing about 150 pounds per cubic foot. That [...]