Weekend Warriors

This weekend we turned the air quality of the shop to 99% wood dust and filled the cigar factory with the faint smell of paint fumes. At studio V, the weekend is where we all have no other schedules happening so we can give our attention fully to the project- all day each day. This [...]

Studio V Dictionary

Another day another truss. Now that we have moved on to the "real deal" of truss fabrication, and everyone is up to speed on the actual process of building our amazing trusses, let's talk a little bit about the mental preparation it takes to be a successful truss assembler, but most importantly, a Studio V [...]

Divide and Conquer !

On Wednesday, Studio V divided into two groups to maximize class time; eight of us on site and four in the wood shop.  Keep scrolling to see all that was accomplished yesterday! On-Site: Another day, another concrete pour...  Since the formwork for 1 of the 10 piers didn't survive the last concrete pour, we had [...]

It’s all in the Details

As you are aware, our mock truss went up! I (Taylor Bissert) am a part of the "Fab Four" - now you may misunderstand this to mean fabulous... but "Fab" is actually short for "Fabrication". This term was coined at the beginning of the semester when my three other peers and I volunteered to be [...]


Today we took a really big step in the right direction! Everyone in this studio has put in their fair share of time into this project, and everyone is most likely ready for Thanksgiving Break that's just around the corner. But something amazing happened today. We saw what our HARD WORK and CONSISTENCY could bring [...]

Twelve little builders WHO?

Hello blog reading people, We've been telling you for weeks now about what the project is about, how it's getting built, what the challenges have been, what was successful and what not. But do you really know who is building this thing? 12 students: 7 Undergrads  + 5 Grad students Our group is composed of [...]

Pier Reveal (IT WAS COLD THAT DAY)!!!

We recently had our concrete pour for our piers on Monday afternoon (November 11th). The pour was successful and unsuccessful in many ways that derived great teaching moments for all us to take forward regarding our future endeavors. We revealed the form work that formed the shape and intricate pieces of our piers on Wednesday [...]

Ipe Has Arrived!

I try to find the light in every situation. Monday, the situation was a failed concrete pier and the stress of quickly bracing the other piers so that they would not follow suit. On Tuesday, the light was that I had a great story to tell my coworkers, family, and friends, and that I learned [...]

Who Let the Concrete Out?

Throughout the process of the semester, I've learned that things really never go as planned.  Yesterday marked the "last" concrete pour, but probably not more than an hour into the pour one of our forms started bowing in the middle and gave out.  Not to mention the vibrator which was supposed to help only ended [...]

Prep Now, Struggle Less Later

After today we'll have our piers in place! In honor of our last concrete pour I thought I'd change the subject and bring the truss assembly back into the conversation. As these piers were placed accurately to fit the programming, they have also been placed to make sure that they receive legs of the truss. [...]