Phase I: Complete

1.5 weeks into the semester and Phase I has been complete, Research and Analysis. Friday the studio had our review and discussion with members from the Housing Authority, The Greenheart Project, and local schools attending. In reading previous posts you can see the 1.5 weeks leading up to this were spent getting a grip on [...]

Finalizing Research

Our first presentation is tomorrow and we have spent the week researching and organizing our information. I was working on the precedents team and we looked at urban gardens, markets, storage, outdoor classrooms, and Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) certification. We found local examples and examples from around the world. Today we will be finalizing our [...]

Research Phase

As of right now the team and I are in the research phase. Meaning, everyone has received a topic pertaining to the site; and overall our project, to do a “deep dive” on. I was given the topic “Accessibility”, which involves making our structure usable to all, ranging from: the elderly with walkers/canes, wheelchair users, [...]

William Enston Home: History

As we dive straight into another semester, we find ourselves on a site that has a strong historical presence that we have not quite seen before. William Enston Home was founded by William Enston and is located on 900 King Street. The Home is registered on the National Register of Historic Places. William Enston Home [...]

Friday Review here we come!!!

This week Studio V is preparing for Review #1.  This Friday we will present and discuss our research with The Green Heart Project and The Charleston Housing Authority.  We will cover topics ranging from: An overview of our collaborators (The Green Heart Project, American College of the Building Arts, and The Charleston Housing Authority), and [...]

We Are Back!

Well Folks, its that time again! The Community Build Studio is back in action for our next semester, Fall 2019. This semester we are working with The Green Heart Project here in Charleston! Our site will be on the William Enston Homes property owned by the Charleston Housing Authority. Green Heart has developed a master [...]

Q&A with a few classmates

To which construction component do you feel that you made the most significant contribution? What was your involvement? Megan: My most significant contribution in construction was to the clutter in the gutter, and the organization of that clutter (Sink, storage, seating). Nicole: I believe I have made the most contribution to the steel components such [...]

Reveal Day!

Yesterday was spent working on some final touches for the structure. The remaining steel pieces were all cut, welded and/or painted. We'll be installing all the final elements before our final review/ reveal. To reminisce on our journey today, here are some key moments: Stay tuned for the final pictures as we finish our project.