Work/ Life Balance

As we start to approach midterms, it is important to remember to find time for hobbies or activities that help keep you relaxed. Even with our next studio review coming up, my small group decided to enjoy a beverage to help our creative process. As we had a laugh and cracked a joke about our [...]

Hello, My Name is…

Now that we in the groove of being students again after our summer off, I thought that we should officially introduce ourselves. Not just as the Community Build class, which has been done on this blog as well as at community meetings now, but as the individuals that have each chosen to spend this semester [...]

Meeting Time

Yesterday was a big day for us, as we met with the community. The Ardmore neighborhood associations all come together on the 4th Monday of every month. So this Monday we had the opportunity to share our 4 design concepts with them. This allows us to get the community's support on our ideas as well [...]

Are we going Green?

Hello gang, Since we have finished schematic reviews, it’s time to get down to nuts and bolts, almost. We have to carve everything down to one cohesive design, using the feedback from CPC and the City representatives, and one hinge point is really apparent. The decision overshadowing the whole conversation - are we using a [...]

Back To It

After much needed rest from intensive research and diagrams, putting our presentation boards together, and model making, we are coming back with fresh ideas after our presentation with the city and the Charleston Park Conservancy. Not only did we receive feedback on the big picture items (see previous post), but we also received feedback on [...]

Getting [the] Good [kind of] Feedback

Yesterday we met with the city and the Charleston Parks Conservancy to get some preliminary feedback on our small group designs. We got some great feedback from them on big picture items such as potential site placement and structure. On Monday, September 27th, we will be attending the Ardmore-Sherwood Forrest neighborhood Association to introduce the project [...]


The design process of an architect is, in a way, a guessing game.  Sketches and models produced by hand and limited by the production space in which the architect works, can only capture pieces of an idea.  This idea is to be translated, after further refinement through inputting commands into a computer, into a built [...]

And the work continues

Following the news of the student's meeting for this week being moved from today to Wednesday, the students were able to take advantage of this weekend to continue to work on their presentations and to produce better models for their groups. Today is going to be spent following up on each group and also act [...]

But Can We Build It

Today can make or break some of our team concepts. We are going to be introducing some ideas for the a new park in the Ardmore Community with Jason Kronsberg, the Director of Parks for the City of Charleston. It's important to determine whether each of our group's ideas fit the requirements of the city [...]