Cut, Grind, Weld, Repeat

Cut, Grind, Weld, Repeat. This is the formula we have been executing all weekend in preparation for our build. Each gable of our structure is joined together by steel plates that connect the rafter to column and column to collar tie. In the process, each plate has to be cut to length, hole punched for [...]

Paint and Production

Good Morning! This week, we have been hard at work finishing details and beginning production! Steel is being cut and prepped for welding and will soon be sent off to paint. Autumn and I were given the task of building some drying racks for the metal to be placed on once painted, and we spent [...]

Collaboration and team work makes the dream work!

What makes a project successful you ask? It is collaboration and team work! Designing and constructing a project with a fast time line is not possible unless there is clear communication and comradery within the team completing the work. I believe this is the largest lesson we are learning from our community build studio while [...]

Cut, PUNCH, Grind, Weld!

After the counts and shop drawings were made, we placed the order last week and the steel got delivered on Monday right before Studio. We moved all the 20’ long extruded steel plates into the shop(Our home for next 40 days). It took almost an hour to get the assembly line prepared for Non- stop [...]

We aren’t shoppin, we’re drawin.

Team members working in revit to complete the shop drawings. On Monday, during studio time, our team continued pushing the shop drawings, so we can have instructions for preparing and producing the materials for the structure. We are analyzing each member of both structures as well as the trellis to create instructions for cutting, welding, [...]

Trellis Mock + Site Lines… check!

This weekend the community Build studio split up into two groups, team "mock up" and team "site lines". Team Mock up worked in the shop preforming welds, angle grinding, and wood cutting to assemble a mock up of our trellis design. Pictured below is a full scale mock up of a portion of the trellis [...]

What kind of music do welders like?

Heavy metal. 🤘 This week, every studio member has had opportunities inside and outside of studio time to cut, grind and weld steel which has been a pretty neat hands-on learning experience. It's also been really rewarding to see collective improvement among the whole group in each of these skills. Much more welding and fabricating [...]

Prep Work

As we continue to hone our skills in the shop, cutting, grinding, and welding, we are also continuing to do work else where. First off digitally.  We started doing our shop drawings the week before break and have been continually working on them. Refining them, adding changes, and stream lining them. This will ensure that [...]

Practice Practice Practice

On Monday, the studio went down to the shop to practice what they learned the day before. When down there they divided into groups to be more efficient. One group would practice welding, and the other would continue working on shop drawings and material count. The welding group grabbed all their safety equipment, and got [...]

Learning to Weld

Yesterday, March 27th, the studio met after spring break to begin learning some welding and metal cutting/ grinding techniques. We began with angle grinders and the different blades that can be used. Some finish an edge, like a sander, while others cut the material. The cut isn't a perfect cut, like a bandsaw would produce, [...]