“Failure is Simply the Opportunity to Begin Again, This Time More Intelligently “

After a series of disappointments in the past few weeks, we made great strides today toward completing our Pulse Dome project.

The bamboo bridge will now have supports to keep it from twisting and to ensure that it will hold the weight of any live load that may occupy the space.  These supports are designed are currently in the process of being made and installed.  The dome itself is coming together much better than it has in the past.  We are now notching the bamboo at each of the joints where it crosses another piece.  This allows the bamboo to break at these points when we bend it to achieve the curve that the dome requires.  Controlling where these breaks occur allows the curvature to happen much more readily and evenly spread.


We were able to assemble the majority of the dome today and are attempting to finish it tomorrow; complete with the triple bamboo members and “superfly” elements that were part of the original design.  Though the project is now only remaining in its current location outside of the CAC.C wood shop, there will be a party there next week to celebrate the completion of the project.

Instead of the physical project being displayed as part of the Halsey exhibit and the symposium that will take place, we will now create a collage diagraming our process and progress of the research, design, and build stages of the project and how information from one influenced the next.  A digital presentation will go along with this document in a similar format, explaining how we came to the final product.

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