“You succeed only when you stop failing.”

Over the past few weeks we have hit a lot of walls while building the dome.











We started building by measuring and marking every piece of bamboo and then put them into the metal ring. The first issue we ran into was that 5 of the metal pieces that the bamboo fits into were marked wrong. Once that problem was figured out we started trying to last the dome together where the pieces overlap.
















Next, we found that the longest pieces, that were made with two lengths of bamboo lashed together, were breaking at the top while we were lashing the bottom.
















So, we started lashing the longest pieces in a few places at the top before starting to lash the bottom. But this didn’t stop the long pieces from snapping when we stressed them to last the bottom.
















Finally, we un-lashed all of the longest pieces so they were two lengths that could meet at the top and create one pieces. With all the pieces taken apart and put in the correct metal base piece we starting lashing from the ground up on two sides.











For a while this was working, all the points were lining up and a strong web of bamboo was coming together. The problems were not obvious when we began but as we lashed higher and higher we noticed that the bamboo wasn’t bending in the dome shape that we expected and eventually stressing the bamboo to make the points line up became too much and pieces broke.















Every failure has been a lesson and an important step along our journey. Today we are trying to figure out where we go from here.

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