Back to the Drawing Board

So here we are back from break and we have quite a few decisions to make concerning the project. Considering we still can not build in Marion Square due to the issue with the Washington Light Infantry, our class has had to figure out where we could place our project for display.

That isn’t our only issue we need to address. As the structure stands now, the dome is still not completely built and it dosen’t look like it can be using conventional methods, or any methods considering our material limitations. So now our class has come to a crossroads. Do we try to force the dome structure, considering that it probably won’t be feasible in our time window, or do we try to create some other structure out of our existing one, that still directly relates to Don Zanfagna.

As of this morning the class is discussing various options as far as location, intent, and design of said structure. As it stands now it appears that it will be built at the CACC shop yard and the dome alterations are still in discussion. But even though we have not met our goal of a complete dome, the class has still learned a lot this semester that we can take into our profession later on. Not all projects you work on will follow through, but in the process knowledge is attained that is very useful in later ones.

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