Back to the Drawing Board

So here we are back from break and we have quite a few decisions to make concerning the project. Considering we still can not build in Marion Square due to the issue with the Washington Light Infantry, our class has had to figure out where we could place our project for display. That isn't our only issue [...]

If you Build it, They will Come.

So here we are, down to the wire. The class has just met with Charleston's design review committee, and seeing that we have been given the go-ahead under the assumption that the plug can be pulled anytime for safety concerns, we begin to build. So today we accomplished various tasks, such as material accumulation and structural [...]

The Low Down

So it's getting to that point in the project where the rubber meets the road. Up to this point, we've thought up, tested and drawn many concepts that we hope to integrate into our project, and now its time to get down to the nitty-gritty of the design for the Pulse Dome structure on the [...]

Project 2.0

So here we are more than half way through the semester and it's Fall Break. So what have we accomplished so far? When we started or design for Marion Square many of us had never designed a project that was going to be built. So considering that, is was going to be obvious that we were going [...]

Practical Design

So the class is done with the small group design portion of the semester, and it is now time to move on to the actual design build project. Although after designing many projects for my major, it has occurred to me, that this is the first time, that I have actually had a project where the design decided in the class, [...]

What Not to Design

As we move forward in the project, we have now narrowed our research paths down to more specific and manageable design ideas. We are now on our individual design portion of the class, and with that comes plenty of its own unique challenges. I'm working on a design that deals with individual systems and specifically how to integrate them [...]

Man and Nature

As we move further along our eventual goal in this project, one can't but be amazed of the man in question, Don Zanfagna, his life , his accomplishments, his amazing talent, and his thought provoking ideas. Considering the passages I've read on Zanfagna's thoughts, particularly concerning man's conflict with nature, the quote that keeps popping up here and there [...]