Tying off the Loose Ends (redux)

2012-12-10 12.57.22So here we are at the end of the semester, and we are wrapping things up one day at a time. It really didn’t hit me until I helped take down the timeline board in the Halsey, as the exhibit dedicated to Don Zanfagna has come to a close.

One by one the strings came down I couldn’t help but recollect as I looked at those pictures on the board. From running to John’s Island to pick up bamboo, to the science far projects, all the big failures, and the little successes, it has definitely been a busy but rewarding semester.

But every time I have the thought that the when dome comes down, so does all the work we did for the semester (in physical form anyway), visitors kept arriving to the shop to check out what we had built, and every time that happend, the more and more I felt confident that it won’t be forgotten in the near future.

So afet

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