Dome Energy

It’s almost time for us to leave the CAC.C and head home for a much needed break.  When I think back on the semester I know that every problem we had to overcome was worth it.  I wish our dome could have been on the corner of Marion Square where everyone could walk on it but the reality is that we probably would have had to take it down shortly after putting it up. Building in the shop yard has allowed us to keep the structure open for visitors. For me, there is something really exciting about people coming to see what we have done and a big thanks needs to go to The Halsey for sending people out to see it. The visitors really make me feel like our project was successful.  Earlier in the week ZanFagna and Katavalos came to visit and a few days ago we had some interest in a future home for our bridge. Today, a group of women came out and danced around and over the dome and bridge. It was awesome to see the dome being used in a differnt way and I’m not sure we would have seen that on the corner of King and Calhoun.


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