First African Evangelical Christian Church Visit.

This past Friday, January 12th, our studio met with members, Cathryn Zommer and Bennett Jones from Enough Pie to get an overall idea of what was expected from the First African Evangelical Church project. At the meeting plenty of ideas and thoughts were added into the mixing pot and got the thinking gears rolling. After … Continue reading

Don’t Forget the Fish: Part II

Alternative title : Shrimp, grit, and determination . Trying to look at the big picture, last semester’s Clemson Architecture+communityBUILD (A+cB) program taught me the biggest lesson of the critical path – thinking about the work in the sequence required and working on parts that you will need first to allow other people to continue moving … Continue reading

THE construction weekend

This weekend was definitely one of the most challenging that I ever had before a final review. Construction speed increased drastically to meet our set goal for Monday. Some neighbors told us how amazed they were about how this structure had appeared so quickly. On Friday we divided to go on site and set up … Continue reading

Paint, Paint, Paint…

  On Tuesday, we had placed all the 4×4 columns in the piers and most of the 2×6 next to the columns. During the installation process, we had to use two ladders per each column, cause all the woods that we are using were not straight, and some of them were bowed,  some were kinked. In … Continue reading

Some assembly required…

The first day of the final week saw the team begin to take the columns to the site. Once on site the holes that would hold them to the concrete piers were drilled and they were all ready to be set in place and screwed in. Some of the team worked on wiping do the … Continue reading

Hardwork is paying off!

With the ongoing painting machine, we were also simultaneously working all the pieces for the roof and columns. We have made incredible progress from trying to understand how to draw and measure the roof pieces to have them finally ready and figured out. The storage unit is also all cut and primed for the color … Continue reading

The Paint Machine is up and running

We have begun to make the wood shop our new studio space. Between the box project for Intro to Craft and this studio project, there is on average 8-10 people in the wood shop during the day. Our actual studio space is a ghost town. It is a nice change of pace, but it is … Continue reading

Paint+Kitty Litter

Things are moving along in the wood shop as we wait for the concrete piers to cure. We started cutting the wood pieces for the storage unit, spilled some primer in the parking lot/on Dave’s car, threw some kitty litter on it (after scraping it off the asphalt) and went back to work. As half … Continue reading


Coming back from Thanksgiving break, we finished up the final bit of concrete for this project and looked towards the next steps in the construction process. While the concrete piers set, there is much to be done on the storage piece, the roof, the sink, and the benches. The bulk of the past day or … Continue reading

Surprise! Concrete’s Here Two Hours Early…

Monday was our last concrete pour! After three separate visits from the concrete fairy we now have both sides of our slab, twelve proud piers, and two supports for our vegetable washing sink. We were supposed to pour the piers around three but the concrete truck was there around 1 pm, so we had to … Continue reading