Q&A with a few classmates

To which construction component do you feel that you made the most significant contribution? What was your involvement? Megan: My most significant contribution in construction was to the clutter in the gutter, and the organization of that clutter (Sink, storage, seating). Nicole: I believe I have made the most contribution to the steel components such [...]

Reveal Day!

Yesterday was spent working on some final touches for the structure. The remaining steel pieces were all cut, welded and/or painted. We'll be installing all the final elements before our final review/ reveal. To reminisce on our journey today, here are some key moments: Stay tuned for the final pictures as we finish our project.

Touching Up Paint

Yesterday we were busy touching up the paint on the purlins, the vertical gardens, and the louvers. In moving and sliding the purlins during installation some of them got a little scratched up. A few hours of touching up paint and they look great again. I think we are all happy with the reddish brown [...]

Installation of the roof

Having worked primarily in the team that was responsible for installation of the roofing components, I feel like I have more insight about the construction process for this component than I do for any others so I'll begin by speaking about it. The process of installing each part of the roof was a laborious task. [...]

Touching up and looking back

Well, we’ve come a long way in the past 4 months. From twelve individual designs to one complete structure that hopefully everyone in this group can now look back and feel a sense of pride and ownership. I am personally very happy with what we were able to accomplish on site in less than a [...]

Louvers are up and bracing comes down

Over the past week and weekend, we've been working hard both on site and in the shop to finish the pavilion.  The steel louvers of the structure were designed not only for shade and shadow but also to add lateral support.  Now that all of the louvers are in place (after a few on-site adjustments), [...]

All The Pieces Are Coming Together

The rafters, the gutter, the clutter, the purlins, the gate have all been getting installed/fabricated this week.  After many long days our pavilion is starting to take form.  As we work on site we are constantly stopped by visitors asking and complimenting our structure.  The excitement for this project is building and we all anticipate [...]

The End Is Almost Here

Today is a big day. Today is the day the final major elements get completed. This week has been critical, as people have been working hard to get all elements left prepped and in place. Originally, Thursday the 25th was set to be the "shovels down" day. Unfortunately, that did not happen. As we have [...]