And That’s a wrap

This semester was an learning experience for all of us. Whether it had been something hands on like pouring concrete or something technical like configurating the structure of the bridge, we all took part in something and played a role in creating a space that will impact the West Ashley Bikeway for years to come. [...]

Throwing Together a Roof

Once the posts and beams for the roof were put into place, you could have blinked and missed all of the rafters going up. Call it efficiency, call it hard work, call it being crazy running off nothing but sweat. Working as a team, We cut each rafter at the angles they needed to be [...]

Did someone say baluster?

After many, many hours of testing angle cuts, baluster heights, and fits, the railings are finally done! When we initially started on the balusters, progress was slow as we worked to figure out a system to be as efficient as possible with the process. By the end, we were a well-oiled machine, with different people [...]

The Gang Prefabs a Railing Frame

As the past posts have displayed, up to this point, every part of the project had been built on site. But once we reached the point of building the railings, we saw an opportunity to use the shop to create more precise cuts that would make the railing frames fit together better. What made the [...]

Setting the Ridge Beam

After placing the beams that are supported by the outriggers it was time to throw up the ridge beam. In order to set the 32 foot, 2x10 ridge beam we constructed supporting members out of drops and other scrap materials. With the help of many ladders and rolling scaffolding wee were able to hoist the [...]

Concrete Paths are Hard

Before we could actually pour the concrete pads and path for the bridge, we had to dig out the earth for it. After a long day of shovelling dirt, dirt, and more dirt for the concrete pads that would be at the small bridge and one side of the main bridge, we decided that borrowing [...]

Setting up the posts

After the foundation for the Mulberry Crossing project was completed, the next challenge was to align all of our roof and railing posts so that everything worked within our 3' increments. The railings allowed for more of an error in the distance, but it was crucial that we get the roof aligned correctly. We precut [...]

Decking Done

Yesterday we completed the decking and began the roof system. As we enter into our last weekend of work we are prepared for a big push to complete the roof framing and railing. We are all hard at work to finish in time for the final showing next week.  

One Step At A Time

The team spent the last two days on a footbridge that will be used to cross the drainage ditch on the north end of our site. Solving this issue was the last piece needed to connect Mulberry Street and the surrounding neighborhood to the West Ashley Bikeway! Much like our larger bridge, we wanted to [...]

Making Progress

Since being approved to start building, we have made a lot of progress. A huge thank you to Blu Tide for installing our pilings for us! Now that the scaffolding is done, we can move around the structure and we were able to start putting the beams and joists in place. This was very tedious and time-consuming [...]