Research & Analysis Meeting

Today we will provide members of the Charleston Parks Conservancy with an in-depth analysis of the Wagener Terrace Neighborhood and Corrine Jones Park. We are going to cover topics such as project timelines, historical information, location and nearby places of interest, neighborhood demographics, climate data that will affect the site, successful existing gardens, and a … Continue reading


The studio finally had a charrette today where collectively started to look into the possibilities for what this community garden could be. We first share with one another the information that we had been collecting during the past couple of days. We used that information to answer what we thought were the most important questions … Continue reading

It is time for a charrette

Studio Day 4 is about to commence. Everyone has dived heavily into research on the history of the Wagner Terrace Community, site analysis, working gardens, and precedent studies. The exciting part about the next couple of days is that we all get to come together and present all of our findings to the group. It … Continue reading

Research – What you are doing when you don’t know what you are doing

After a successful site visit last week and with our first full week of classes beginning today, Studio V is off to a good start! This week we are doing some background research and analysis on our site and future project in preparation for our first review this Friday. Some of the topics that we … Continue reading


Studio is now in full swing. We are a group of 12 students – bright eyed and bushy tailed. We met with the client on Wednesday and toured a few previous sites to get a feel for other community gardens that have been completed by Clemson Community Build students. This semester, we are joining with … Continue reading

Raising the Roof

The beloved roof… after a very long weekend of working hard, we have come to learn that we need to change the way we fabricate our roof. Our previous method was to turn a panel upside down and lay it flat on the ground; there are some securities to this because it ensures that when … Continue reading

“I trust Dave, in the shop” – Stevie Chen

So it’s Friday, seven more days till our projected completion date of the 14th, and everything is falling into place. Yesterday we started spray painting and priming the door hinges, and have them out to dry. We also are making large strides in the completion of the roof. This is BIG news because we had … Continue reading

Another Day Painting Away

Why did Van Gogh become a painter?  He didn’t have an ear for music!  Well, I don’t know about Van Gogh, but we definitely have music going in the shop these days.  With more and more painting being done and less construction, there is always music going in the background.  Or rather, there was always … Continue reading

We Whistle While we Work

Yesterday, more progress was made in addition to our busy weekend. With some of the more tedious tasks out of the way, work also seems to be moving faster. Just about all of the doors have been painted and most of the trusses have a layer of primer on them. The last of the rafters … Continue reading

As the Semester Begins to Wind Down, We are Working Harder Than Ever

This weekend was EXTREMELY busy!  But as a result we made a ton of progress.  We finished up all of the welding work finally, assembled all of the slats for the doors, milled all of the columns, hip beams, and purlins, started priming and painting all of the steel, and started milling the rafters and … Continue reading