Studio V Unite!

Monday was the Community Build Studios small group review. As one of the three students who is taking this studio again, I’d like to add a personal reflection. The Spring 2019 small group review was held as a more formal presentation, with overall feedback at the end. But this time around we briefed the attendees [...]

Final Prep For the Small Group Review

On Friday during our studio we met and planned for our 9/16 Small Group Review. The review has invited members from Seamon Whiteside Landscape Architects, Green Heart, the Charleston Housing Authority, residents of the Enston Homes Neighborhood, and teachers from the nearby schools. With all of the people attending the review, we decided it would [...]

Good ole’ Friday the 13th

We are three days away from our first design review and everyone is working hard on their designs! My respective group is looking at a design that allows for impactful, teachable moments. It emphasizes spaces for Green Heart to really connect with the students they are teaching and helping everyone feel a part of the [...]

In the homestretch…

Studio V is working hard in preparation for Review #2 on Monday!  As the four teams of three students narrow down their ideas, 3D digital models are composed and will soon be translated into physical scaled models for the clients to explore. My team is focusing on a 4-ft grid system to base the program's [...]

Small Groups Reconvene

We're back in Charleston and BACK IN ACTION. For the next week we will be working in small groups of 3 to push designs for the Farm Stand. Over the last week we skype'd during our "hurri-cation" to make sure we were all on the same page. Come Monday, we shared our designs and diagrams [...]

We’re Back!

This past week, the different groups have been meeting via video calls to discuss their work. Today each group put together a presentation to discuss and share their ideas with the rest of the class. At the end of each group's presentation, the class would quickly discuss what was the main focus of that group's [...]

Back to Charleston!

Today [Sunday] after a great game vs Texas A&M, everyone made their way back to Charleston and are getting ready for the very important design week ahead. We  have one week to create and present four different designs.  We have all been working with our small groups via phone and Skype this past week as [...]

Group Progress

Although the majority of us have evacuated Charleston due to hurricane Dorian, we are still working and are going to assess our progress tomorrow with Professor Pastre electronically. My group like most others are further researching the site and developing our designs. We are not sure when we will be able to return back to [...]

Oh Dorian…

Leave it to Hurricane Dorian for making this the most interesting design development phase I've ever encountered. With our whole class dispersed throughout South Carolina, we've been relying on technology to converse and share ideas. Let's hear it for the Google Drive! Most groups have multiple folders set up for precedents, sketches, storage ideas, and [...]

Phase II Begins

Despite the groups being separated due to evacuating for Hurricane Dorian, they all will continue to share and collaborate on ideas for their proposal.  Based off suggestions from the Green Heart team and precedent studies, the small groups will hope to advance these ideas far enough to polish them when we all meet in person [...]