Back to the (Computer) Drawing Board

Any design starts with a set of carefully developed construction documents that show how elements (even down to the fine details) will be built. For the moment, everything seems perfect and all details are solved. Sometimes when you begin fabrication however, you realize that some details may not work as well as originally intended, and … Continue reading

A Little Challenge When Team is About to Accelerate

Not much time left, teamwork is accelerating. Yesterday afternoon, we loaded our wood materials for our poles and rafters, and some paints to the shop. Group one in was working on welding some last few trusses and cutting holes on each of it. Katie and Ed was cleaning and grinding all the door frames that … Continue reading


After the Turkey break, we need “all in” to the studio work. All the team members are grouped up to working on all the work. Steel cutting is finished, welding is ending, wood slats are ready to assembly to the door frame. Doors, slats, trusses… All the things are going well. The “assembly line” is … Continue reading

Human Hole Puncher

While we’ve talked a lot about the welding of the truss together, and the cutting of all the pieces, the last phase involves punching two different types of holes in various places: four to allow for the connection of the roof (top), and eight to allow for the connection to the posts (side). A total … Continue reading

Talk about being Stuffed

After putting long hours in over the weekend…it was nice to have a break, spend sometime with family and eat some yummy food. Well all that is over and its time to burn those holiday calories away. We have much more to do… We need to finish cutting steel for the trusses, edge trim the … Continue reading

Making a list and checking it twi… many times

Here in Studio V, things are moving along but we are working hard to pick up the pace of the build. This past weekend, many hours were spent in the shop: welding, grinding, sawing, drilling etc… We accomplished many things, but the madness has only just begun. Are these doors not lovely? Yes, but they … Continue reading

While Dave is away, the mice will play.

The old adage, “While the cat is away, the mice will play” is pretty appropriate for these last few days.  You see, Dave was out of town.  And with Dave out of town, that means no work for us!  Absolutely nothing to do.  We just start to sort of mill about in circles without any … Continue reading


Or is that backwards…. prepare for the worst, hope for the best? At any rate, we are preparing to have a very productive couple of days this weekend. Due to technical difficulties with the bandsaw, we now have a new-to-us bandsaw to help us finish cutting the steel for the trusses. We will finish cutting … Continue reading

Just Keep Cutting, Cutting, Cutting….

Yesterday we finally got our first delivery of wood!  It was a bit of a chore bringing all of the boards in, but we were all excited to be able to start cutting.  The first thing we did was take an inventory of the shipment and then start nesting our pieces into them so we … Continue reading

“Make Every Detail Perfect and Limit the Number of Details to Perfect”…

While most of our classmates are dedicating time to the fabrication of our design, some of us are behind the scenes, making all of the construction documents that are being used by the fabrication team. It is important to have an accurate set of drawings as we begin construction, but these drawings will also be … Continue reading