What Not to Design

As we move forward in the project, we have now narrowed our research paths down to more specific and manageable design ideas. We are now on our individual design portion of the class, and with that comes plenty of its own unique challenges.

I’m working on a design that deals with individual systems and specifically how to integrate them together into one large streamlined system. While talking to the professor, he brought up a man named Rube Goldberg, (you know that guy that designed all those elaborate crazy contraptions to do seemingly simple tasks, like brush your teeth or something), and how my design should not be like that.

Designing by its very nature can get extremely over complicated by none other that the designer himself. As I design, I realize how I must take into consideration all of the elements necessary to the project at hand, but still come out with a design that meets these objectives while at the same time is streamlined and simplified.  So as we all move further down our design paths it’s important to remember Rube Goldberg and K.I.S.S., or keep it simple, stupid.

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