After a few weeks of researching and brainstorming all the possibilities we are finally starting to design something. The hard part is figuring out what to design. Up until this point every project that I’ve worked on has had a given purpose and a program to follow, but this project is completely open. It could be something big or a series of smaller installations, and it could be a one room dwelling or a backdrop for the symposium. The list can go on and on.
This week I’m finding that the multitude of possibilities are causing me to change the way that I have always worked. Until yesterday I was trying to include every idea and put it under one dome-shaped roof but after talking to Pastre I have found that it could be simpler.

Now instead of taking all the ideas and putting them together, I am starting with one simple idea and hashing out all the possibilities I can think of. I have found that approaching the problem this way leaves more room for the evolution of the idea. For our review Friday, I am working on an idea that uses recycled materials to create an aquaponic system.


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