Go Tigers!

Every semester has it’s distractions. In the spring it’s the return of warm weather and a week-long break in the middle of the semester. In the fall, it’s football season. I am sympathetic to distractions as a young professor, since it is not that long ago I was a student and I remember well how easily distracted I was by everything other than my studies. I look back now at the time I spent in college and wish I had taken it a little more seriously. This is a position that only comes with hindsight, and the unique opportunity I have now being a professor. I am continuing my education, sort of, with every class I teach and I appreciate now how special the “work” of college is. Not everyone gets the chance to make up for mis-spent college years, and I am thankful I am getting the chance to now. So, I suggest that every Saturday Studio V get together to watch and cheer on the Clemson Tigers from Charleston, then get back to work on the opportunity in front us.

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