With a long leash and a short schedule, ideas need to take flight… and they have!

For the longest time, our group has struggled to grasp what ‘exactly’ we will be designing… and I still don’t think we have it, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have great ideas.  Everyone seems to be going in a different direction, which means more potential to find that perfect project.  So who has it?  The answer is no one… at least, not yet.  We have just started to tackle our designs and some of us are still tossing up more than one.

With my design, I hope to create a mass ‘Charleston’ awareness to the ideas and aspirations of Don ZanFagna.  In a way, how guerrilla art (street art) imposes radical ideas upon its viewers at every street corner, I will provide ZanFagna’s visions of pulse dome life upon Charleston.  What exactly that might be… I am not sure.  My research must continue with the City of Charleston.  Where are the hot spots and how can I make the biggest impact on city life?

The one thing I must consider and alway be reminded of is my design’s relevance to the artist himself.

Men do not make structures out of ‘materials’; they make large structures out of small structures – visible module associations out of non-visible module associations. The limits of the visible spectrum did not represent the threshold of change between man-devised structures and nature-devised structures. There was, in fact, no threshold.


How is my project a small structure that is part of the large structure that is the city? How will it become visible to man, but remain non-visible to nature?  Where do I begin?

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