Adaptability and Education

“As an experimental artist, I was feeling through new ideas with some trial and uncertainty, trying to decompose existing conditions and proportions in art and architecture. I was trying to make another world…” -Zanfagna

I as a student believe that Don was trying to show new ideas that we as humans have neglected over the years. Why not teach our younger generation what they really need to know, such as, rainwater harvesting or becoming more aware of nature and what nature has already provided for us.

After learning more about Don’s life and accomplishments, I thought to myself and asked, what is Don really trying to accomplish here, why is he sharing all his work? Why you might ask, I believe Don Zanfagna is an educator; he has compiled all this useful information into a series of his own works to educate not only himself but also the people around him.

In the process of designing we need to understand that Zanfagna was not only an artist or architect, he was also a teacher. We need to educate people and show them that we can break from the norm. We don’t need to pay for energy, we can create our own. We don’t need to pay for water, we can harvest our own. The list goes on and on.

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