Yes, today we finally get to start designing something.  It’s about durn time, I’m ready to dive into this Pulse dome project.

Wait, where do we start? How big is this thing going to be? Is it even going to be a dome? Are we still going to put it in Marion square? What in the heck is it supposed to do?  Ahhhh so many questions that have so many potential answers, what are we going to do?…  Well I guess in a time like this the only thing we can do is throw thoughts up on the dry erase board and narrow the possibilities down. Yep that ought to do it…

Oh crap we don’t even have enough room on the board to write down all our thoughts. What do we do now?…

Of course let Pastre go steal the other dry erase board from the other studio, don’t tell them about it until Huff wants it, and then go make them use some kind of brown paper they had laying around. Yes it’s all starting to go a lot smoother now. We are getting lots of good ideas down about all kinds of things no matter how outrageous.

Yes even the vampires and zombies that come out at night. Yea I’m going to have to take credit for that one, even though when I said it I meant the super drunk people at 2am who might do something stupid to our project that could hurt it or even them.

Well now that we have thought of things to narrow down the amount of options our design could be and could do, we should now be able to come up with some pretty cool ideas of what this could be.  Quite frankly I’m really excited to be putting together all the research we’ve done over the past weeks into designs of an actual Pulse Dome…ugh… rectangle… square…well, it’ll be some kind of shaped thing that is going to be really awesome.

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