Learn and Lash

Today a Charleston City official informed us that we would not be able to build our dome on the fountain in Marion Square. Here are the details… We went through the right process to get everything approved. We kept some Committee officials informed through the entire process by meeting with them on many different occasions [...]


  This week we realized how challenging it would be to build stairs for the bridge structure that spans across the dome. We looked at the possibility of having a ramp, but we needed to see if it would be possible by asking the city first; we obviously have to follow the proper code to [...]


This past week was particularly slow do to the extended break we had from our fall break, but were now more ready then ever to push out the best final product as possible. With only so little time to get everything on paper to show to the Charleston comity we need to really come together [...]

You Can Do It

I as well as three other group members focused in on making Katavolos’s idea work for our Water Architecture portion of the project most of yesterday and today. We have observed so far that we will need to help support the water structure vertically and horizontally. We will also need to use stronger clear material; [...]

Adaptability and Education

“As an experimental artist, I was feeling through new ideas with some trial and uncertainty, trying to decompose existing conditions and proportions in art and architecture. I was trying to make another world…” -Zanfagna I as a student believe that Don was trying to show new ideas that we as humans have neglected over the [...]

Who Is ZanFagna?

Don ZanFagna was born in Saunderstown, Rhode Island, in 1929.  Don ZanFagna is a West Point cadet, Boston Red Sox draftee, Fulbright scholar, fighter pilot, artist, professor, university art department chairman, environmental activist and architect/designer. Don ZanFagna, working since the 1950s, generating spectacular works of ecological designs. His works are displayed through a widespread of [...]