Who Is ZanFagna?

Don ZanFagna was born in Saunderstown, Rhode Island, in 1929.  Don ZanFagna is a West Point cadet, Boston Red Sox draftee, Fulbright scholar, fighter pilot, artist, professor, university art department chairman, environmental activist and architect/designer.

Don ZanFagna

Don ZanFagna, working since the 1950s, generating spectacular works of ecological designs. His works are displayed through a widespread of journals, illustrations, collections, and architectural models. His effort to combine environmental awareness, technological understanding, and utopian essence is pure brilliance.

Much of his work we have seen is intensely artistic drawings of homes that are formed, assembled, and upheld entirely with natural processes and precedes similar self-sustaining research environments. Many of his ideas and theories he thought of in the 60’s have prevailed in many creative practices today.

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