Hidden Force

“Is there a hidden force that our ancestors used, but that we have lost?”  Infra Ultra, ZanFagna

Don ZanFagna – http://vimeo.com/16221788

I am not sure if I fully understand who ZanFagna is.  I do not believe that I ever will.  What I understand is that he was enthralled with the relationship between the built world and its natural environment.  Similarly, ecologists are studying ways in which organisms interact with each other and their environment.  Structures in the built environment can simply be a catalyst for a harmonious relationship between man and nature.  This is exactly what ZanFagna’s sketchbooks and paintings suggest, architecture that takes from the land and gives even more back.  Unfortunately ZanFagna has not left us a ‘How-to’ book on pulse dome construction or a ‘Self-Generating Architecture for Dummies.’  So I ask the same thing ZanFagna did…

“Is there a hidden force that our ancestors used, but that we have lost?”

The CAC.C Studio V is on a hunt, one that will lead us to a hidden force of Self-Generating Architecture.  So where do we begin?

Each and every one of us took on the task of finding this hidden force.  The information that was brought to the table covered everything from centuries old construction to developing ways of producing energy in the built environment.  The use of caves, teepees and igloos, dates back centuries.  Man has been relying on nature to protect themselves from the elements.  On the other end of the spectrum, we can find cases where we are developing ways to protect nature from ourselves.  William Katavolos is one of the leading thinkers and producers in this move towards nature.  His research into biomass and algae power has caught our attention numerous times.  In this video he explains the science behind his work.

Another project that was brought to our attention examined the production of energy through methane gas found in dog waste.  It is called The Park Spark Project.  Does this mean that humans could power their homes with their own feces?  I do not know.  Kudos must be given to the student on our team who found that project, because it sure caught my attention.

On a side note, I had the pleasure of attending the Halsey Institute for Contemporary Art’s current exhibition called The Paternal Suit.  The exhibition gave me an understanding of the space and how it was used for the observation of the art displayed.  With that, I have an idea of the scope and expectations for our project.  However, I have no idea where it is going or what it is going to be, but I assure you that we will expose a hidden force.

The Paternal Suit Exhibit at the Halsey Institute for Contemporary Art

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