This Isn’t Farewell

I would like to talk about the semester and the pulse dome project, but i'm not going to.  I'm not going to talk about bamboo or domes or bridges or dancing ladies.  I want to talk about me... and the rest of the students at the CACC, and where we go from here.  With the [...]

Bamboo Bustless

Lately we have been having trouble with the bamboo breaking while in construction of the dome.  The problem occurs when we have to lash two or more pieces of bamboo together in order to get the proper length.  The bamboo, when bent and continuously stressed would break where the overlapping bamboo terminated.  The decision was [...]

Vote Studio V

As citizens of the city of Charleston, it is your civic duty to vote for the Studio V's Pulse Dome tomorrow... If only it were that simple.  The life or death of this project is going to be decided by the city when we present to the Design Review Committee of Charleston tomorrow.  With that [...]

Super _______

This weekend was key to the development of the Pulse Dome.  We made strides away from the conceptual design by defining the structural expectations, the sequence of landings and stairs, and the specific placement of some of the bamboo members.  The current struggle is in the attempt to generate a structure that physically and visually [...]

Sitting by the Fire

The past couple of days, we have been testing the material capabilities of bamboo.  With the intent that the bamboo will bend and hold a form, we hope to build our dome off-site and have an easy/quick installation on the corner of King and Calhoun. The rig was constructed on Thursday (Oct. 4) with a [...]

I’m having too much fun

I really don't want to say much... because I'm tired.  I'm tired because I've spent all night playing with electricity.  No, I'm not flying a kite in a lightning storm, and I'm certainly not going around sticking my finger in electrical outlets.  I've been messing with our new Brass Piezo Disks that just came in [...]

Hidden Force

“Is there a hidden force that our ancestors used, but that we have lost?”  Infra Ultra, ZanFagna I am not sure if I fully understand who ZanFagna is.  I do not believe that I ever will.  What I understand is that he was enthralled with the relationship between the built world and its natural environment.  [...]