I’m having too much fun

I really don’t want to say much… because I’m tired.  I’m tired because I’ve spent all night playing with electricity.  No, I’m not flying a kite in a lightning storm, and I’m certainly not going around sticking my finger in electrical outlets.  I’ve been messing with our new Brass Piezo Disks that just came in today.

Piezoelectricity is a simple, yet elusive, process that converts mechanical stress into electrical current.  Common applications of this technology can be found in watches, smoke detectors, and even acoustic pick-ups (which is exactly that the seller had them listed as).

Clearly it’s not perfect… yet.  It takes some significant amount of pressure to make this 10″ strip of 12V LED’s to light up, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to throw away the idea.  These disks have potential, and we currently have 16 to play with.  I’ve already spent my friday night messing with one of them.

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