New lease on life

This is a pivotal weekend for Studio V, and the students are madly preparing for a review Monday afternoon. Instead of focusing this post to our current efforts though, I am going to actually write about part of last semester’s project that is getting a new lease on life.

Over the past two weekends I have been coordinating and preparing the move of the outdoor structure from last semester’s Saltworks project. Along with the help of several current Studio V students and Michael Morrison, an instructor in the sculpture department at the College of Charleston, we installed the outdoor sculpture to it’s new home at 37 Charlotte Street. Susan Dunn, a local lawyer here in Charleston with the A.C.L.U. has adopted our beloved work and is proudly displaying it in her front yard. Although my original hope was that this piece would become a permanent fixture outside the Halsey Gallery, I can’t be more pleased with it’s new home.

With this move, and the transport of the viewing structure to Clemson this summer, everything from last semester’s efforts is either being recycled or repurposed, which is very important to me when working on temporary installations like the one this current semester. Tomorrow’s review will decide the direction of our efforts for the remainder of the semester for the Pulse Dome project, but in the back of all our minds should be asking, “where will it go from here”?

Sculpture at 37 Charlotte Street
Sculpture at The Halsey Gallery of Contemporary Art

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  1. I am glad somebody will be able to enjoy the Moiré pattern that took countless hours of welding and grinding.

    On the lighter note, can we spice up this blog a little bit? May be some actual pictures of the current design?

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