Practical Design

So the class is done with the small group design portion of the semester, and it is now time to move on to the actual design build project. Although after designing many projects for my major, it has occurred to me, that this is the first time, that I have actually had a project where the design decided in the class, is actually one that we will build.

So now we have to create a design that incorporates parts of our small group designs. Granted, our small group designs were very researched and thought out, but bringing those designs together and creating them in such a way where the materials are found quickly, built easily, and bought cheaply, is a thought that I personally as a student have never come across.

But considering that I will graduate in May, and in turn be released into the real world, I am very happy that a practical aspect of design will not be one that I will not come across until I get into the workplace. Even though this project will be a considerable challenge for us as students, I do believe that after so many unrealistic projects, ie. unlimited budget, negligible constraints, etc, that we as students will have at least an idea of what is is like working in the real world, one with budgets, laws and practical considerations that would otherwise be impossible to live without.

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