You Can Do It

I as well as three other group members focused in on making Katavolos’s idea work for our Water Architecture portion of the project most of yesterday and today.

We have observed so far that we will need to help support the water structure vertically and horizontally. We will also need to use stronger clear material; so far we have used heavy-duty trash bag material and Husky 10 ft. x 100 ft. Clear Plastic Sheeting. If we want this to work we will need to have better seams as well, I don’t think ironing the seams do the most accurate job. All we need is more trial and error.

We have also researched new ideas for Water Architecture; we found a cool new idea called digital water pavilion, it is interactive, fun, stunning and practical. I stumbled upon this while watching TED. Watch the video to get all the details.

There are many cool conceptual ideas. The Primary goal we are faced with is to pick which idea best meets our aspirations and goals. Again we have to think why do we want this idea to go into our final design. How does it fit ZanFagna?

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