Trial And Error Heart Ache

In studio we, as you know from past blogs, have broken up into three groups.  I am in the water architecture group where we are trying to figure out how to build a structure using mainly plastic and water.  In my mind I have a plan all worked out to where it works great and it is this new type of architecture that will make us all famous and we would win all kinds of awards and life would be great.  So today I woke up nice and early and started working on the prototype for the building method. When the other members of my group got there it all started to go smoothly and all the pieces were coming together.

When it came time to test my heart was beating a 10x faster than normal because all the work I had done from my individual design and all the work our group had done was going to be made a reality.  Everyone when they heard our ideas were naturally skeptical about how this was going to stand and actually work but with the finishing of our prototype we were about to prove to them that it was possible.

So we started to fill the prototype with water to see how it would hold and once filled we were going to see how it would be vacuumed. But as the water started to go over the seam on the bottom there began to appear multiple small holes in the plastic.  At once my heart started beating even faster than before and I said “quick, go get the duct tape” but by the time I got the words out the holes were getting bigger and more and more were appearing and then my heart stopped.  The side of the plastic holding up the water and all my hopes and dreams of the fame and the awards split and all the water came pouring over my boot.

I was crushed and heartbroken and didn’t know what to do until Pastre said “well now we know what to fix” and to come up with a way to prevent what just happened.  From there my heart started to regain a little life as I racked my brain around the new problem.  Now it’s just back to the drawing board tomorrow to build back up the plan that was crushed and my ambitions of great success.

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