Time for Group Design

After Friday’s review the studio got split into three different teams.  These teams are focusing on separate ideas to present in the next review.  The topics are water architecture, energy system integration, and piezoelectric design.  These three topics were found to be the most interesting of the individual review so teams were set up to further explore their possibilities.  Today was not a studio day so the team I am on continued our research of piezoelectric devices and how exactly we could integrate them into a design.  For those who do not know piezoelectric devices are ones that use mechanical distortion to create electrical charge.  An example of this would be dance clubs that have these devices under the floor and the movement of footsteps cause the devices to bend and create electricity which in turn the club uses to power other systems or will store in batteries.  We have researched and emailed individuals who might be willing to help us to further understand these systems so while I am at it if anyone reading this blog has any information about it please let us know!  Tomorrow the groups will be really getting into their design so we can get the train rolling and be ready by next Monday’s review.

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