Party Time

Last night was awesome to say the least.  We finally got the dome all the way completed and spent the day getting ready for a little party/get together.  To get ready we had a lot of clean up to do.  We needed to clean out the shop but most importantly we were cleaning off the [...]

A Cold Day

Today the weather just did not seem to want to cooperate.  It rained off and on pretty much the whole day not to mention it was about 50 degrees.  The weather did not hinder our progress too much however because we had a couple loose ends we needed to tie up.  Individual pieces of the [...]

Getting Ready for the Review

As this week gets ever closer to the end we get closer to presenting our design to the City.  Today in studio we started to think about a few minor changes we might be able to make in the design.  The main ones were changing the height of our truss members and switching from a [...]

It Sure is Bright in the Spotlight

After a glorious and much needed Fall break the studio met again at the shop on Simons Street to get back to work.  Upon arriving to the shop I noticed that something seemed wrong.. it seemed quiet.. way too quiet.  No noisy saws ripping bamboo into structural test members, no drills, no fans, no conversation [...]

And the Beat Goes On

In the attempt to further our studio design we headed to the shop today to try and bang out some different ideas. With the model that was built over the weekend we started to form new ideas of what the structure could be.  This model proved to be a great tool that we could use [...]

Time for Group Design

After Friday's review the studio got split into three different teams.  These teams are focusing on separate ideas to present in the next review.  The topics are water architecture, energy system integration, and piezoelectric design.  These three topics were found to be the most interesting of the individual review so teams were set up to further explore [...]