A Cold Day

Today the weather just did not seem to want to cooperate.  It rained off and on pretty much the whole day not to mention it was about 50 degrees.  The weather did not hinder our progress too much however because we had a couple loose ends we needed to tie up.  Individual pieces of the dome were cut out and labeled so that when the installation process begins it should run smoothly.  Gussets were cut out of steel so that we can reinforce the truss system for our bridge.  Although today’s work didn’t seem monumental (because it wasn’t) the fact that these jobs were completed means that tomorrow we should be able to finish the decking for our bridge and be back to the point where we were before the call was made to replace our faulty wooden pegs. Although our installation date was pushed back we believe that this will make our project better because it gives us time to fine tune some small details.

Our own personal metal worker doing his thing.
Superfly bracket that will be attached to our bridge
High tech hand warmer

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