Clutch Time!

The team began early this morning finishing up on the second truss that we had to reconstruct. Today seemed very clutch. As its been stated in the previous posts our extension has been pushed back a couple of days, therefore that gives us a little time to further test the materials to make sure we are in the right position. Tomorrow is scheduled to be our installation day. We all completed each task, as if the installation day hasn’t changed. Today’s agenda was to encounter different solutions within the dome and truss that will help strengthen the structure. Removing some of our focus off the truss for a while, for the next couple of days, the agenda will be focusing on the dome and mock-up different solutions that will lead us in completing the dome. As time winds down, each day, the motivation rises as well as accomplishing the goals.

The photos below shows each student at their own task. Very productive workday!

(Welding Metal that will be adding to the truss, for structural support)

(Cutting more of the metal pegs that are placed within the truss)

(Last minute touches on the 2nd trust)

(Another welding and grinding task)

(Testing the lashing technique on the Dome members)

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