Final week!

After returning from a restful weekend, we were very pleased to see the dome still held its form from last Thursday night. Today was an important day as well. We made final touches to the dome to make sure it has the durability to withstand the pressure of a numerous amount of people and touch [...]

Clutch Time!

The team began early this morning finishing up on the second truss that we had to reconstruct. Today seemed very clutch. As its been stated in the previous posts our extension has been pushed back a couple of days, therefore that gives us a little time to further test the materials to make sure we [...]

Check this out!

After a brief presentation to a local architect, we began cutting 10 inch long bamboo sticks to test stair treads. First, we began a tight lashing technique on both ends of the bamboo to prevent any slippage. Afterwards we took two massive bamboo strips which are approximately 2 inches in diameter, as supporting poles for [...]

Testing Materials!

After a nice fall break, everyone was better prepared and more excited about completing the Pulse Dome project.  After a brief recap on Friday, the team separated into two different groups to prepare for a long weekend break.  One team focused on gathering and discussing new ideas that would improve the current design, and the [...]

Sunday’s Recap

After enjoying a great Sunday morning breakfast, the team was back at it again.  Spending a few hours brainstorming different ideas, we finally came up with an overall structure for our design.  Of course its not finalize, but the form that we've created is the basic structuring which will further lead into a more define design.  We split [...]

Thought Process!

Today's agenda was to talk among the members of your group and brainstorm about different ideas that would make an fascinating project!  Not as easy as we thought it would be, but the different ideas we shared would lead us to an successful project.  I have never thought that architecture could become this in depth and challenging.  I guess you have to [...]

Important day!

After a great Clemson win on Saturday, we are back in the studio preparing for an important day. Not only its labor day, but today we have to give a presentation to our client. After 2 strong full weeks of researching, and gathering enough information to inform the client, now is the time to lead [...]