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After a brief presentation to a local architect, we began cutting 10 inch long bamboo sticks to test stair treads. First, we began a tight lashing technique on both ends of the bamboo to prevent any slippage. Afterwards we took two massive bamboo strips which are approximately 2 inches in diameter, as supporting poles for the treads. After lashing the 2 together, we used various weight and height loads to test the amount of weight it can support. We took 2 students from the class with 200+ pound weight and over 6′-0 in height as the testers. The two students went one at a time testing their weight on both ends of the treads. Then we placed both students on the tread, and assist them to bounce to test the amount of force it can hold. To improve on the model, we will experiment different bamboo strips and brainstorm other ideas or solve any mistakes that we came across.

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