Back to the old lashing board

As we wrap up this Friday it feels a little strange because it reminds me of Monday, and no one likes Mondays.  The reason this is so is because we are back to where we were on Monday, which was starting to lash on the decking to the truss because we had to postpone instal to reinforce the trusses (even though the that message wasn’t passed successfully to the maintenance men of the fountain).

Since replacing the wood pegs with steel rod the truss already seems stronger and I am more optimistic about this being able to withstand the four fat guys test.  Which if you didn’t know is a legitimate force test that I have learned from a successful practicing Architect and the test is where we get the four fattest guys and they all jump on it at once, and if it still stands then it works. and with all of the extra reinforcements we are adding, like the steel rod and the steal gussets we should pass with flying colors.

Even though it feels like Monday I’m still getting really excited when things come together .  We are starting to get the Dome pieces put into the tension ring and we have the trusses standing, so tomorrow I expect us to be well on our way to having a Bridge and a Dome to put it in.

With all the reinforcement we put on it , how do I say it, … well,  In the words of Cameron Baker “Where’s it Goin’?  Nowhere!

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