Party Time

Last night was awesome to say the least.  We finally got the dome all the way completed and spent the day getting ready for a little party/get together.  To get ready we had a lot of clean up to do.  We needed to clean out the shop but most importantly we were cleaning off the porch and driveway area so the we could have a space to cook out and chill.  I rode with Pastre to his house so we could pick up his awesome charcoal/gas grill.  Once we had gotten that back to the shop Mimi showed up with a ton of food and beverages so the next few hours were spent setting the food up and forming massive hamburger patties.  We had burgers, hotdogs, chicken, potato salad, chips, just about everything.  Daniel, Andrew, and I worked to put some Christmas lights up on the dome so that when night fell we could have a lighting ceremony.  That I must say and I believe Daniel will agree with me was the hardest job of the day.. but it was worth it.  A whole bunch of people showed up and we really had a great time.  It was a nice way to celebrate completing the project and to relax for a little while before we really get into the documentation process

photo (33)

photo (34)

photo (35)

Daniel stringing lights.

photo (36)

photo (37)

photo (38)

photo (39)

Cookout Spread.. Reminds me of tailgating for a football game.

photo (40)

photo (41)

Olivia and Carolyn using the bridge as a slide.

photo (43)

Mitchell showing off his musical talent

photo (44)

photo (45)

photo (42)

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