DonZanfagn-cumenting Pulse Dome

Today we got started on documenting the project and doing a little touch up work on the bridge. No real major work just lashing on some footholds on the ramp so that when Katavolos and Don Zanfagna come to see the Pulse Dome they will be able to get up on the bridge and experience it.

2012-12-05_20-48-31_806 2012-12-05_20-48-57_979

I must say after climbing all over the dome and almost falling through it, I was enjoying being able to work on the ground again.


For the documentation of the project we are going to mind map our process on two four by eight sheets that we are painting white and attaching photos and drawings and all kinds of other stuff to show how we got to where we are and presenting it in a way that resembles the sketchbooks of Don Zanfagna.


After painting the boards white we started to put the photos and sketches onto raised surfaces to give the presentation dynamic characteristics.



Today was a fun day and we got a lot done but it did pass through my mind that it would be nice to still be relaxing at the party we had the night before.

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