The End is in Sight

After a long night last night, we finally completed our documentation in the form of a timeline collage, styled after Don ZanFagna’s sketchbooks.   This document shows a diagram of our design process, linking ideas throughout the semester to the final product and the designs leading to it.  This creates a web effect of different images and the connections made from some of the original research and projects to later work.  This document will be moved from our wood shop to a hanging location in the Halsey for the rest of the duration of the ZanFagna exhibit.


This document was transferred into a digital version in a program called Prezi, allowing the information to be expressed in more detail and in a progression that shows the semester’s research, brainstorming sessions, various designs, and the building phase.  This presentation will be used in tomorrow’s symposium on bio-logical architecture, along with explanation and elaboration from some of the Studio V students.

Today we had our final studio review to present our project and process, allowing us to gather some great feedback from professors, guests, and students on our presentation format. This feedback allows us to revisit and better our speech performance and presentation for tomorrow’s symposium, where we will present this information.


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