It Sure is Bright in the Spotlight

After a glorious and much needed Fall break the studio met again at the shop on Simons Street to get back to work.  Upon arriving to the shop I noticed that something seemed wrong.. it seemed quiet.. way too quiet.  No noisy saws ripping bamboo into structural test members, no drills, no fans, no conversation at all.  I walked into the door and Professor Pastre’s voice breaks the silence, if only for a moment. “Sit down and read.”  The only words that were spoken.  No hello or how was your Fall break. He hands me a paper. The Charleston City Paper.  I see the cover photo and the words “Idea Man.”  The photo is that of a young ZanFagna. Given the silence and the abrupt “greeting” from Pastre my mind immediately thinks the worst.  Oh no.. the man who has inspired us all and this project has passed. However upon grabbing a stool and opening the paper my spirits are instantly lifted. ZanFagna is alive and well and this cover article is about him, the upcoming show at the Halsey, and OUR PROJECT!  So in a period of about five seconds my emotions have made a solid 180 degree turn.  The article starts out talking about our group projects and describes how the review was conducted then gives a background on ZanFagna and Mark Sloan.  It finishes with where we are now in our process and has some photos that were taken last week at the shop of our model.  So after a cover story like this the pressure is without a doubt on.  We have work to do and this time we aren’t just doing it for ourselves.  This project has gone from interesting and intriguing to front page cover story status overnight.  Now everyone is watching and man does it feel good.

Check out the full article by clicking the link below.

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