Trying to Match Expectations

As you know from previous posts, we are now famous for stuff we have yet to do because of the 6 page spread in the newspaper.  Everyone is excited to see what we are going to do and is anticipating greatness, which is good and bad at the same time.

We know the gist of what we are doing but that’s about it.  We have a basic concept, Dome with a Bridge, but we do not yet know any of the finer details of how we are going to accomplish this.  We are trying to get multiple concepts down so that we can pick which one is best and to go with it but we are still having a hard time with this project.

Honestly everyone is getting a little frustrated with everyone else because in the process of trying to figure this out how to, someone is butting heads with someone else who then gets pissed off and carries that to another person which then pisses them off, and then they take it to someone else and it’s just a never ending cycle of people being pissed off.  Grant it some people are way better at not getting mad then other people but I’m sure that we have all been there at some point.

The reason for this I believe is that we now have so much added pressure to an already stressful task to make this the best it can be and to match all of the expectations laid upon this project.  So to deal with all this stress I would suggest that all of the Studio V students CLICK HERE … and if you are not in Studio V and want to make your day better then CLICK HERE … and if you want to make your day worse, then just go worry about politics or something that sucks.

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