The Handoff Has Been Made

You may or may not have noticed my absence the last couple of weeks on this blog, so you probably figure a big well thought out post should follow the hiatus. The problem is I was out of town all weekend and now I find myself under the weather. So, I will leave the poetics of writing to the proffesionals. It has been a big week in the news for our semester project this week with the opening of the Pulse Dome Project Friday. The students have already mentioned the cover story written by Susan Cohen for the Charleston City Paper, but an equally eloquent article was in the Post & Courier this weekend penned by Adam Parker.

Now that the show has opened, and the buzz is all over Charleston about all things “Pulse Dome”, it’s time for Studio V to turn our concepts into reality and try to match the thoughtfulness of Don ZanFagna. I look forward to tomorrow and seeing the strives made over the weekend in my absence, and I hope the Vicks Vaporub on my chest does the trick because there is not a day to waste to complete this project by November 19th.

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