Super _______

This weekend was key to the development of the Pulse Dome.  We made strides away from the conceptual design by defining the structural expectations, the sequence of landings and stairs, and the specific placement of some of the bamboo members.  The current struggle is in the attempt to generate a structure that physically and visually links our three elements together.  The three elements being the dome, the bridge, and the super fly.  The term super fly is a term we are using to define the ribbon that spans above the dome and is essentially the connection between the bridge and the dome.  The super fly resembles an element that appears in a few of Don ZanFagna’s.  In the first image they are the green arches that fly above the dome and are connected by vertical spokes.

Apparently I have a subconscious obsession with the super flies.  Ever since the term was slapped onto our Pulse Dome design, I have been using ‘super’ to describe everything.  “It is super strong.” “That’s going to be super hard.” “I’m super excited.”

In an attempt to expand my vocabulary, I have decided to stop using the word super, but that doesn’t mean the final product is going to be anything less.

Oh yeah. The paper is everywhere and I had a conversation with a complete stranger about our attempts to grow architecture.

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